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6-24-09 Wednesday June 29, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We motored out of the bay, then set our sails to Port Townsend Canal with an out going tide. The winds were fresh enough and not many boats so we sailed thru the canal. As soon as we got thru the winds died to we motored up to Port Townsend, Boat Haven to get some fuel, water and I noticed a bolt to the Alternator arm pivot point was broken off at the head. I stopped in at the Yanmar dealer and they don’t carry spares for this so he sent me to the local hardware that is pretty good for metric bolts an 8mm x 65mm was needed. I ended up with a 8mm x 70 and some washers, plus a spare. By the time we were ready to leave we had missed the out going tide to Smith Island. We left anyway against a 4 knot current making only 2 knots, so bumped up the rpms to 3000 and got a little over 3 knots of speed over ground. Around Smith Island we started running into slack water and finally a current with us north to Cattle Pass. On the way we saw many Dalls porpoises. Thru Cattle Pass we were doing about 10 ½ knots. Called several folks we thought were in the area with their boats and Joe A. called back. They were in Deer Harbor so we headed there. Gremlins started showing up with over charging our batteries. My house monitor was showing 15.5 volts or so. I was concerned that my batteries were going to boil out so I turned on my inverter and an electric heater to use up the surplus energy. My thoughts were the regulator was not telling the alternator to slow down production of electricity, so I checked connections at the regulator and alternator. I called up Balmar and they said they had a hardware change but the software was not changed to compensate. He suggested we UPS the regulator in to them and they’d check it. We met up with Jackie H, Joe A and seven kids plus Jackie’s son Ross at Deer Harbor. $1.45 a foot for $58 moorage. Judy was really tired from being on the wheel all day while I was checking out the regulator problem. They had left overs we heated up of sauce with penne pasta and salad. They were out of propane. We took a walk to explore the area. Ross hitchhiked to Eastsound to get propane for them. 2.3 sailing, 74 total.



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