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6-25-09 Thursday June 29, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

I called Rich H of Balmar. We were on a first name basis now. He leaves at 3:30pm and they are closed on Fridays. The tech that checks the regulators leaves at 4pm and he was going next week for at least of week of vacation. I decided to head to Anacortes. I called Anacortes Enterprise and no rental cars were available until latter that evening. They were the only show in town. I called a couple of friends that could help me out and Diane S., recently retired came thru. She was near Arlington and picked up the remanufactured part, got to Cap Sante Marina, P-21 and delivered the part. We exchanged parts and she took me to the local hardware store on the way out. She took the old regulator to Balmar and they tested it. It was a good part after all per Rich. But it seemed at first the problem was solved anyway. Maybe we had fussed with the wires and things were good? We headed back to Bind Bay and then kept going to Jones Island, the winds looked good so we sailed to Prevost Harbor on Stuart Is. Just after we settled in with our anchor a fellow big guy “C Toy” power boat of 60 feet or so dragged anchor over to some rocks and pulled up a Christmas tree of kelp on a navy style anchor. They re-anchored and the wind calmed down. No harm done. I pulled the alternator off, along with the regulator and put it back together checking all the wires and re-snugging the connections. Everything looked good. Finally got to bed at midnight. 9.1 sailing, 123.6 total.



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