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7-1-09 Wednesday Lagoon Cove July 5, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Lagoon Cove – We got up at 4am to get ready to leave but it was pretty dark still so decided to reset the alarm to 4:45am. Ah, much lighter now, but skies are cloudy for the most part. Chris was out getting his boat ready this time. We looked up at the trees and they were less windy by quite a bit. We untied the stern line, hauled in the chain and peaked our nose around the corner. It looked pretty good. Both of us left. Apparent winds were 14 to 18 kts, hardly any chop and waves compared to yesterday. Johnstone strait looked even better. We heard on the radio s/v Tenacity, our buddy boat and they had stayed the night at Forward Harbor. They were now behind us by about 12 miles due to their late start coming out and further back anchorage. We turned the corner to Port Harvey and put up the sails for 2.3 miles. As we came up to Chatham Channel another sailboat following us had never been here before so they asked our advice. S/v Copella was their boat name. Current was close to maximum but there was only 4 feet of exchange so we said we’d try it first and get back to them on the radio. Current was only 2 to 3 kts so we told them to come on up. Big doings at the docks here with a crab race tonight, losers get eaten, and potluck since it is Canada Day, July 1st and all. Three people helped us tie up and warmly greeted us remembering our names and introducing us to the marina crew. Tenacity finally showed up, he was talking about a 20 foot sailboat converted to rowing and powered by a 10 hp outboard going from Vancouver to Skagway. This boat also showed up later. Mel and Mona with s/v Dreamseeker from St. George, UT. It’s an Ensenada 20’ 1983. They didn’t have room for the sail and pole and heard it was mostly motoring in Alaska anyway. They have a 9.9 hp 2 cycle Mariner engine. When they get to Skagway, they’ll take the boat out and bike ride to Prudhoe Bay then fly back, then drive home with the boat and trailer. Back to the crab race, # 21 won, a young kid won about $30 from a Loonie on each crab, he and two friends celebrated with a chocolate bar each. They released the winning crab back to the sea. We got 16 out of 22 questions on a Canada quiz. Good for 4th place out of 30 people or so. Back to the regulator over charge problem. I checked all the cells in my batteries with a hydrometer and they were all great. Bob and I might be putting on my old 85 amp alternator in the morning. 338.6 miles total, daily sail 2.3.



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