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7-2-09 Thursday Pott’s Lagoon July 5, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Pott’s Lagoon – Bob the mechanic came down to my boat and we worked on the too much voltage problem. He looked at the Balmar wiring diagram and such. First off I had a wire missing for the ignition start up, (2) the main problem was my internal regulator in the alternator was also activated along with the external regulator. So we disconnected the internal regulator wire. (3) The alternator mount was very loose and causing problems, so he added some washers to the bushing that Balmar had in their original kit. (4) We added some washers to the long bolt I had gotten. These last two items corrected the kiltered alignment of the alternator pulley and kept the alternator arm from vibrating so much. This stopped the elongated hole that was in process at the alternator pivot mount point. Two hours of work for $100 Canadian or we paid $95 US. So far things seem to be working good as far as the high voltage problem. But, then they would only show up every once in a while. About 1pm we left for Pott’s Lagoon. A small lagoon with great protection. 346.1 total miles, no sailing.



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