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7-4-09 Saturday Echo Bay July 5, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Echo Bay – Judy and I took the dingy with the small motor, 2.2 Mercury, over to Shoal Harbor to do some crabbing, next to a house that was sinking.  On the way back the motor started to cut out so I looked in the tank and saw bottom.  I put in another 12 oz. bottle of fuel but didn’t think we’d make it back so landed at Billy’s place and hiked to the boat.  We got ready for the Salmon talk about fish farms, sea lice problems and such by a PhD guy, M. Krkosek.  Then happy hour and the big doings a 91 lb pig roast.  We had a few 4th of July celebrations.  Tove asked for three volunteers so I raised my hand.  It was a balloon popping contest tied to a string and one leg.  I came in first so got to choose from some nice prizes and picked “North of Desolation Sound” a cruising guide to the Broughtons, $46.95.  After dinner we set off a cannon.  A couple near us used to live in the Queen Charlottes so we got some tips from them.  Later they brought some magazines and such over on the QC’s.  Marshall and I headed back to Billy’s Museum to get the dingy and check on the crab pot and bring some fuel with us.  We caught two crab.  Then headed to Echo Bay with the dingy.  Showers here are $5 each.  Then made some plans for crossing to Sointulla tomorrow.  Looks like we’ll have current against us.  Still at 365.5 nm.



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