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7-13-09 Monday Queen Charlotte City July 14, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

‘7-13-09 Monday  Queen Charlotte City (pop. 948) Sun. – Things were pretty tense in the morning. Trees water and rigging were howling pretty good. Judy wasn’t so sure to go but the forecast sounded decent with15 to 25 knots expected. Lively left then Tenacity, the it took us a ½ hour to get the anchor up. Pretty rough seas at first due to the surf and low water level headed out and the wind blowing right at us. Finally about 4 miles out we set sail and things calmed to 20+ apparent wind and seas were way calmer but still pretty lumpy. We sailed 34.5 miles and the last 5 or so got very nice for weather and flatter water but then very slow. Forecast was for 15 to 25 but we weren’t getting it. We started motoring and got about 4 more miles, then some wind came up and we sailed again for 3.6 miles. It was starting to get hot and sunny, but failing wind. We motored the rest of the way. It was a pretty good crossing except the first part. Coming in we talked to the ferry “Northern Adventure” from Prince Rupert to see where he wanted us to go to get out of his way. Government docks at Queen Charlotte City, they had room for us but mostly full. Talked to a Chris on “F/V Hopefull”. He gave us some places to fish for halibut and salmon. Tips on Sandspit Channel, where to eat. Finally Tenacity arrived and we took off. The Tourist Info place was open so we stopped in there. They told us were the same eat places were and we headed out. Got to the first place they closed at 8:30pm it was 8:31. The next two places were also closed at 8:30. Finally went back toward our docks and a Chinese place was open until 8:30, but they took us and another couple in. Nice food and we had a beer. Marshall and Joe paid for our dinner to make up for all the anchoring and rafting we did for them. We headed back to our boats and I met a couple from Bella Bella on s/v Maclas, a 43’ aluminum one up from Graham, WA but they bought it in Florida on the net and had it trucked to Vancouver. Chris and Kara. He’s a wood shop teacher in Bella Bella (pop 1500) the largest First Nation settlement in B.C. and his wife is an RCMP officer in town also. I took a tour of their boat. Only 1700 hours on a Yanmar.

Queen Charlotte, British Columbia From Wikipedia



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