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7-7-09 Tuesday Fury Cove July 14, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Our first time into Allison Harbour. We saw two other sailboats overnight. We left at 7:05 am to make a current around Cape Caution. Normally you want to go about 1 ½ to 2 miles offshore of the cape but seas were very calm. We had current going with us the whole time. We could even see the light at the cape as we went by. Before going into Fury Cove we set a crab pot, then headed in. Only 3 boats as we set our anchor in 35 feet with 140 feet of chain. We checked our pot, Joe tried fishing with the kayak, we visited the cabin on shore. Somehow the whip cream can turned upside down and the cap came off and about the size of two softballs of whip cream squirted out. I noticed milk in the bilge water earlier and thought it was from the leak we had in a milk container. We spent some time cleaning up the mess and had a few slurps. Later in the evening we saw a humpback whale very close to shore of about 100 feet with 4 others out in the sound area. Marshall took his kayak out to take a look and said he saw 10 in different spots. No wind, very calm and quiet except for all the whale spouts and breathing. We had a rounding Cape Caution celebration dinner on Tenacity with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. Finally got one crab. 466.2 total miles, seas calm but sprinkles most of the day.



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