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7-8-09 Wednesday Shearwater July 14, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Left at 7:06am, checked our pot and a bunch of kelp crab. A humpback whale spouting right outside the inner entrance. Tenacity came back to watch then followed it out. Another one was behind us as we went out. Outside more whales! Some wind but on our nose of about 4 kts. More whales along the way all humpbacks. Current with us most of the way. We stopped at Namu an old cannery they are trying to fix up. People actually stay the night for 75 cents a foot. Two sisters and a brother run the place, population of 3. Lots of storage for fishing lodge boats. Renee cautioned, “Don’t walk on the planks together, stay at least 20’ apart, so WHEN you fall in, the other can rescue you.” The store was open so I went in. Three ladies were checking things out with a lot of cannery parts and a big book exchange. While we were there a float plane came in and picked up a guy. Tenacity came in and they had a salmon that Joe had caught. Silver about 8 pounds. We cleaned and filleted it out and made plans for dinner later that night. We took off while Tenacity did the city tour. Made it into Shearwater about 6pm and I didn’t call in to see where to go. I had to move as the spot I took was reserved. We’ll call in next time. Silver salmon, rice, homemade bread that I made since it was so warm, and salad. Marshall’s oil changer didn’t work so he borrowed mine. 518.5 total miles.



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