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7-15-09 Wednesday Queen Charlotte City July 16, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We went to the park building for our park orientation at 9am. That was over at 10:30am so headed to the Spirit Lake Hiada Plant Use talk. We had to catch up to them as the hike/talk started at 10am. Linda was the Park employee who was a First Native and had plenty of family help to tell us the various names of the plants, what plants were used for what ailment or use, what the potion amount was etc. She showed us CMT’s, (Culturally Modified Trees) like when they strip about 16 inches of bark off of a western red cedar for clothing, mats etc. The tree still lives and grows well but has a scar that can be seen. We caught up to the group right away. One of the best guided tours I’ve ever been on. We got back to the parking lot at 12:45pm.

Next was grocery shopping at the Co-op, then headed back to the boat, put the food away. Later we went to the potluck in Skidegate for the beginning of Skidegate Days. Lots of crab on the table to eat and some different kinds of foods I’m not used to. One of them was small pancakes with chopped up clams in them. I had one to try but they were cold and not one of my favorites. They had salmon berries that are usually OK, but these were frozen in drenched sugar water and were awesome. About a hundred people at the potluck with a three piece jug band that had CD’s to sell. There would have been more but Mook’s aunt died and many were attending family gatherings. The Haida flag was flying at ½ staff nearby. They invited us to take home extra crab, so I grabbed a bag full. After the potluck we headed to Linda’s talk on birds of the islands at the museum. Great pictures and various recorded calls of all the birds. We turned in the rental car and walked to the boats after an ice cream stop by some. They only had vanilla.



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