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7-17-09 Sandspit on Moresby Is. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

It’s been 26 days that I haven’t gotten the email out mostly due to being in the Queen Charlotte’s Park area and no cell or internet.  There isn’t a town anywhere.  Winter Harbor on Vancouver Is. doesn’t have anything.  Cell tower is available from Byng Mountain if you are on the water near the lighthouse or in Port Alice it does pretty good so far.  Hopefully today I’ll get out the email from the library after they open at 2pm.  (sd 8-12-09)  I’ve gotten a few comments from folks due to no updates, so this is one long one instead.

We left QCC for Skedans and Gorden Cove. We got out to the sandbar and crossed it. Wind was in the 20+ knots with seas pretty lumpy and 35 nm to go. Got a call from Marshall and a weather update of 20 to 30 wind knots in the afternoon. Seas further north were 6 to 9 feet. We did see a boat that looked like Lively heading to Banks Island. We sailed for a bit south but the wind was right on our nose and kept pounding. We decided to head to Sandspit Marina, but sailed most of the way. Wind is pretty windy still here and not many people around. We caught a ride to the grocery store and walked around town a bit. Not much here. Caught another ride back to the marina. We asked around why the marina was built so far from town. Politics she said, they had a vote where to build it. The folks living in town were concerned about the noise and blocking their views. Mind you they live right next to an airport. Anyway they voted for 4 ½ kilometers away from town. None of the people from town that voted live there any longer. The marina lady says it’s quieter out this far as you don’t have to listen to the jets. Marshall and I headed to the inn nearby the marina. They were filleting the fish that were caught from the guide boats. We picked up the heads and spines from two Chinook salmon of 19 pounds each. All the guide boats headed out to the west side through the Skidegate Channel. Most boats were using about $180 to $200 of fuel for the days run out and back. Earlier that evening we noticed a sailboat out on the bay sailing. Later when they got in we noticed it was Steve and Elsie H. from Puget Sound Cruising Club, (PSCC). They were able to get shower tokens and we talked with Steve H. for a bit later. Sail 13.9 miles, 14.3 motor. 786.1 trip miles.



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