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7-20-09 Beattie Anchorage Mon. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Chris came through for us from f/v Hopeful at QCC. We went around near Skedans to head to Gordon Cove. He showed me a spot for springs (Chinook) salmon. I caught four salmon in about two hours. One of them was pretty small but had injuries that he wouldn’t of made it. Anyway instead springs I caught silvers (Coho), a 9 ½# 28 ½ “, a 6# 24”, and a 6 3/4″# 24”. Just as we were done fishing Paul and his family stopped by in their boat and gave us a fillet, ¼ of a halibut. It was getting late now due to the fishing, so we looked at the chart for an earlier anchorage. We saw a private home made in the way of the Haida longhouses. Went over to Mathers Creek to look at the logging remnants such trucks and wood roadway. Pretty much covered up by alders so we kept going to Beattie Anchorage. Nice little spot, not at well protected as Gordon Cove but so far every night the wind has gotten calm. We anchored with 8 Black Oystercatchers on shore beeping nearby and 5 harbor seals frolicking in the waters near shore. Sunset wasn’t real orangie or red but pretty good. I tried setting a crab pot near a creek, but it was only 7 feet deep for quite a ways to opted for near the boat in deeper water. We had a big feast on the salmon and I took a shower that felt good. Trip 873.5 with 4.9 sailing for the day.



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