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7-21-09 Sewell Inlet Tues. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We got up about 9:30am to head to Louise Narrows.  It’s a dredged channel about a mile long.  They say the ideal is to start going thru it at about 10 feet tide so you can see the dredged spoils on shore but not so high that you’re not sure which way to go.  It’s about 30 feet wide when you travel thru but of course shallow near shore.  We did Security announcements on channels 16 and 6 as recommended.  It would be difficult to pass another boat let alone a log coming thru.  We’re making our way to the head of Sewell Inlet that may not be great but there are lakes we hope to be able to hike to.  The weather was very sunny and warm, so I put out a solar shower for Judy.  Just before we took off it said 104 degrees so should be hot when we get back.  We took the dinghy with the small motor up a creek to a bridge at high tide.  It looked like the creek would have enough water when the tide went down.  Another option was to go back about a mile to a lumber camp dock and tie up but that meant walking back to the bridge another mile.  Marshall and I decided the creek spot was fine and besides we wouldn’t be gone all that long.  We headed up the road to Tasu Sound on this very nice road.  Once a while a blow down was across the road, but for the most part very good.  We got to the lake area shortly and decided to do it later on the way back  We wanted to get to the west side of the Queen Charlottes was the new goal.  Finally almost 2 hours later and about 4 ½ miles we made it.  We could see Westfrob open pit mine, Tasu town site, Newcombe Inlet and Tasu Sound.  We’d made it to the west side.  We headed back on the road.  This was the main support connection during the winter and storms for the town site and mine plus logging operations.  We saw several does and a fawn.  As we got back to the lakes, I took a hike down to one of them about 100 yards maybe.  It wasn’t a lake but a wide water area between two lakes and kind of hard to keep your feet dry and walk to one lake or the other.  Maybe 75 yards to either lake of three in the area.  I opted to go back to the road and find another trail down.  We never found another good spot to go down to the lakes.

Well four hours later from the start we made it back to the dinghy.  The tide was down about 7 or 8 feet at least.  But the main problem was it was about 100 yards to good flat sea water.  The stream had a good enough flow had it not been full of so many rocks and blockages for the dinghy.  We floated it down part way, then off loaded the motor and other gear to the flat water part.  We came back to the dinghy and pushed it through some narrow rapids by lifting one side of the boat up a few times.  Finally got to an impassable spot and portaged the dinghy with the three of us carrying it down to the flat spot.  The dinghy is an Avon about 10’ 3” long and 100 lbs. so not a lot to carry.  The 2.2 hp. Mercury is only 20 lbs.  Finally we made it and headed off to the sailboats.  The stream was amazingly warm we kept remarking.  Maybe the lakes would be good for a dip after all.

It was 7:30pm when we finally got back to the boats.  The solar shower was cool due to the light winds and sun not so bright now.  We had another salmon dinner and eager to get into bed.  We were tired.  Trip 13.2 miles plus 9 mile hike, 886.7 total.



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