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7-22-09 Pacofi Bay, Wed.(Eagle Swimming with fish) August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

It sprinkled over night some and now cloudy,  Judy says they had blue patches once in a while but now all cloudy about mountain level high.  Marshall took off with his kayak to the log camp area..  It used to be a town site called Sewell with a post office and even a land line phone.  Later we took off with the dinghy and motor to the town dock.  Marshall gave us a talk on were to go and what to see.  We saw the log area, a p/u truck and van, the old town site with not much but concrete pads for the old house locations, golf range with a 4 point deer antler, a power pole with fuse box and a picnic table.  One sign said “Sewell Dock Closed”.  Another sign said to check in with the watchman, the house with the flag, pay $20 for moorage, no exceptions.  We left for our crab pot nearby on the way in and pulled up 4 mud sharks, a good sized 6 ½” rock crab, and a bunch of female rock crab.  The trap was a little bit torn up.  We made it back to the boat with fuel to spare.  Just as we were leaving two boats with camping gear came into Sewell.

We headed to Cecil Cove.  Played with our spinnaker pole on the jib while motor sailing to get some hot water for the shower.  Just as we had the pole set we needed to jibe it over, then finally took it down.  As we headed to Cecil the winds were coming out of the north the same as the heading of the cove.  We went to Pacofi Bay with a large fishing lodge not open and a westward heading.  Two eagles in the trees are watching the calm water for fish as we anchored.  At Cecil, Marshall saw a deer walking along before he turned toward Pacofi.

So I’m talking to Marshall on his boat and looked back.  Saw movement in the water and looked closer.  It was an eagle about 250 feet from us doing the breast stroke from about 150 feet out.  Somehow we missed the dive and getting the fish.  We noticed he was trailing something in the water, probably a fish.  A harbor seal was within about 5 feet of the eagle as he was swimming in.  Finally he got to shore and dragged the fish about four pounds up about 7 feet from shore.  The fish tail was still flipping for a while then stopped.  After he got his fill about 40 minutes, the female flew down.  She is bigger than the male.  She started eating on it and he left.  She flew up into a tree, then flew up to a big snag with the tail portion of the fish.

Crab was our snack before dinner.  For dinner Judy fixed up Halibut Olympia.  Sour cream, green onions, mayonnaise and parmesan cheese baked for about 25 minutes.  Broccoli, and then Marshall made a salad.  We had some wine.  Great dinner.  Next stop is Tanu Indian village.  Still pretty cloudy but we can see some blue sky off in the distance.  13.2 motor sailing miles, 896.7 total.



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