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7-24-09 Anna Bay Fri. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Weather is pretty nice with sunshine.  Marshall took the kayak out to find the waterfall.  We took the dinghy out sans motor.  The delta for the creek is way out due to the low tide.  Morseby Expeditions stopped by with their boat load of people to look at the delta.  About 12 deer are eating grass on the delta mostly and nearby.  Marshall can’t find the waterfall, probably due to not much rain lately.  We can see two chicks in the eagle nest now.  Took pictures but too far away I think.  We headed out and just past the Morseby Expeditions floating home, Marshall called and said he spotted a black bear at the creek on the right.  As we came up to the area we asked if the bear was still there and he said yeah.  The bear was sticking his head out of the water like he was in a hot tub or this case a cold tub to cool off as the sun was out really good.  We took pictures then he headed up to shore as we went by.

We came into Anna Inlet, anchored, then got ready for the hike up to the Anna Lake.  This time we brought the kayak with us too so Marshall could take the dinghy back out to deep water, anchor it with a 10 pound weight, then come up on shore since it was high tide.  We did the Anna Lake hike.  The trail was built in 1908 to 1912 to support the mines that are in the area.  Then in 1960 they added western red cedar shakes to the trail.  Later we saw a sign from the parks department from November 1999, not to hike the trail due to such poor trail conditions.  We headed up.  Nice waterfall on the way.  Ten years ago Steve and Elsie H. did the trail in one hour.  We lost the trail twice due to poor trail.  It took us 1 hour 45 minutes.  I made it to the lake, Judy and Marshall made it to the top of the pass.  We did a GPS reading with five satellites and it only gave us a height of 69 feet.  In reality we were about 600 feet.  We headed back down right away as we didn’t want to try and find the trail in the dark.  It took us 56 minutes.  This time the dinghy was in the middle of the creek and semi close to the saltwater with the tide out.  We waded out to the creek, picked up the anchor and were able to push the dinghy down the creek to flat saltwater.  Along parts of the trail and especially at the out take the mosquitoes attacked voraciously.  We made it back to the boat and took off our muddy pants, and shoes and took showers before eating a dinner of salmon and Greek salad.  Finally the stars are out for the first time in the Queen Charlottes for us.  7.4 miles of motoring, 929.1 total miles.



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