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7-27-09 Kostan Inlet Mon. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Well another beautiful day of about 80 degrees and no clouds.  As we got ready to check the crab pot “s/v Shades of Blue” came in and anchored.  One decent sized rock crab but we let him go.  A couple of smaller crab.  We headed to Fred and Mary’s boat, a one up custom boat.  We asked them about why so many rock crab and not many dungeness.  She had no clue as they didn’t crab but invited us on their boat.  They’ve been around the world once and have done the Pacific, five times and other areas.  The boat is about 25 years old but in great condition.  54 feet long, 51 feet of water line, draft of 3 ½ feet and two centerboards he rarely uses.  Furling boom on the main, jib and staysail furling with mizzen stack pack sail.  He showed us some features of the boat.  Rarely does it heal more than 15 degrees.  Center cockpit is large and comfortable.  Hard dodger with tempered glass windows.  They told us about their previous 44 footer a fero-cement boat and its demise on a tropical reef.  Also exploits on a Thunderbird going up to Alaska and Queen Charlottes.

We headed to Freshwater Cove to fill up on water, I took on 63 gallons, washed Code Blue and Marshall washed laundry.  I figure we’re using about 7.5 to 8 gallons of water a day for Judy and I with showers.  This will be the last time we are able to get water until Winter Harbor on Vancouver Island.  While filling up there were several bouts of williwaws coming down from the mountains, but just after Marshall left they died.  We had it easy getting off the dock.  Two mooring buoys are in the bay.  About 100 feet of dock for the constant running water hose.

Kostan Inlet has quite a few rocks as you head in the mouth.  We had spaghetti dinner with salad.  Took the dinghy for a row after dinner and got within 50 feet of 3 does, a fawn and a 4 point buck.  We think they were Sitka deer.  There was a tower up on the mountain near us so we tried our cell phones to no avail.  Looks like only one cell tower in the Queen Charlottes at Sandspit.  945.9 total, no sailing, 10.5 for the day.



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