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7-28-09 Murchison Island Cove August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

On the way to Windy Bay we saw two humpback whales for a while. We were well on our way to Windy Bay a Haida Village but called in and the Watchmen weren’t expected to return until later tonight due to a monthly shift in watchmen. So we headed to Hot Springs Island not far away and one buoy that is available. Near the HS island we saw two more humpback whales. June is the big month for whales around here. Most leave they think back to Hawaii and other spots. There was no village in the past on this island, in fact it was taboo for a while, with steam rising and such. Then it became a healing place with hot pools to soak in. In a book we read it wasn’t until the miners and such entered the area that the Haida took up the island as a place to visit. Two pools were in the 108 degs F. area. Another pool was cooler but not by much. The weather was too hot to really enjoy the warmth of the hot springs. You shower before and after with fresh rain water. They have change rooms. David was our guide. They drain and clean the pools every two or three days with pressure washers. We then headed to Murchison Island Cove via motor and sail. Two big public buoys are available. We tied up to one. These buoys are big, four tires thick with foam and four tires on each level for 16 total, with a heavy steel plate and arch on top. They are so tall that if I snub it up close the arch brace on top hits my anchor or bow sprit, if I leave it loose then once in a while with slack seas the boat runs up onto the buoy. Weather is almost getting to be too warm. 21.8 miles for the day, 4.6 were sailing. 967.7 trip total. 



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