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7-30-09 Sac Bay Thurs August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We left Marshall at the buoy, he wants to explore around a bit looking for a trail as he saw an orange marker..  We’re headed to Bischof Island group.  There is a north cove I want to check out.  We’re going at high tide which is the best we can do for our time leaving Murchison Is.  We explored the north cove area all the way back to a float marking a deadhead or rock.  There was a very big rock on the left as we entered with only about 2 feet of water over it then deeper along the edges.  Entrance was about 12 to 15 feet as we came in.  Back area was about 25 feet with an eight foot tide level on Bella Bella.  South cove was bigger and deeper, but didn’t seem to be as protected.

We headed to De la Beche Inlet, saw a couple of boats on the way.  Flat calm but no whales.  We explored the beginnings of Skittagetan Lagoon on the outside, then to the northwest cove area.  Kayakers abound in the area and one dinghy fishing for rock fish.  We headed to Sac Bay, our anchorage with a sailboat and a bigger power boat.  A cute waterfall is our backdrop at the spot we chose.  Still hot and sunny today, some clouds.  We have the solar shower out getting heated up and warm already at 1:30pm.  Marshall is just leaving his anchorage he says on the radio.  Marshall arrived and we setup the dinghy with the big motor.  With three of us it got up on a plane doing about 7 to 8 mph we think per the GPS.  We took a tour of the lagoon, pretty tricky getting in even with a dink and high tide.  We were close to the lake so headed over there and I hiked to the lake, just a short one of maybe 200 feet from the mouth.  We talked to Pau Hana II the 50’ power boat in the anchorage about crabbing.  They’ve tried many times with similar results of no Dungeness.

I baked up some pumpernickel bread for dinner.  We had pork steak and Marshall fixed up some of his cabbage and this time miniature potatoes.  Seven dollars for a one kilo bag.  996.0 total miles.  No sailing.



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