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8-1-09 Bag Harbour Sat. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

I got up early and picked up the prawn trap, it had 114 prawns of good size with a sculpin in the trap too.  It had the 115 prawn in his gut with the feelers still sticking out his mouth.  We decided to let him go as he was pretty small.  There was a black bear at the end of our bay called Island Bay when I got back.  We got to within about 75 feet of him with the dink.  He was digging in the rocks and eating the small crabs and such under the rocks near the shore.  He ambled off after getting his fill.  We heard on the radio there was another black bear at the narrows but it wasn’t there when we went by.  About 11:30am Marshall headed for Dolomite Narrows with us picking up the rear with a rising tide to about 12:15pm.  We all did good but we saw about 8.8 feet, which means about 6.8 under our keel.  We just went to Bag Harbour for 3.1 miles total.  After anchoring up to Tenacity we took the dinghy and came back with my dive gear.  The book says how great a dive or snorkel it is.  Visibility was only about 7 feet.  We checked the direction of the current three times and still got it against me when diving, so I just changed directions.  I saw 6 big rock crab males, one small Dungeness, 3 fish and an eel looking gunnard.  It wasn’t very good so after 37 minutes I called it quits.  We came back and rinsed some of my dive gear in a creek, then hung things out to dry.  Visited a steam boiler on shore left from a clam canning company.  We had solar showers before dinner.

Dinner was BBQ’d prawns with garlic butter, a pasta dish from Marshall with capers, olives, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and other goodies, split potatoes with pepper, garlic and olive oil.  After dinner I gathered up my dive gear before the dew starts in again.  Most of it was dry or close.  Weather wasn’t as hot today but still very sunny mostly.  In the 80’s I’d say.  Three quarter moon came up.  Now about 11pm.



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