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8-10-31 Mon. Julian Cove August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Heavy rain last night and this morning.  We dragged anchor, a CQR, on Tenacity a bit as the anchor alarm went off in the morning due to the winds and closer to a rock but not bad.  My crab trap got damaged a bit as I put out 85 feet and tied it to the boat and it got dragged across some rocks.  I reset it close to the creek.  I measured the dinghy and it came out to at least 12 gallons of water filling the bucket to the brim.  We explored Mahatta Creek, very pretty and a mile back or so to a 3 foot waterfall at high tide.  Eagle, lots of banded kingfishers, harbor seals on the way in and out.  We climbed a rock with a rope on it to the top to see what was on the other side of the waterfall, a small pool.  No crab for the day due to sea otters still.

We decided to go for a more secure anchorage and cut our mileage to Port Alice by motoring to Julian Cove.  Lots of logging activity in the area here.  Small clear cuts are everywhere.  We saw a sea otter on his back near the boat at we went by.  There were a bunch of them near the island in the kelp.  A ketch is in the cove with us.  11.3 miles, Trip 1254.4, we could of sailed like Marshall for 5 miles but didn’t so sailing, zero.



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