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8-2-09 Ikeda Cove Sun. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Motored our way to Ikeda with gale winds expected 25 to 35 kts outside.  We saw on the nose about 14 to 20 apparent, then as we got outside the winds died to just swells of 1.8 meters with almost no wind.  Kayakers were behind a rock islet resting.  Marshall saw them later and they had progressed a couple of miles more to the Copper Islands.  As we got into the cove Pau Hana II and s/v Onnetar, from Sac Bay, were anchored here for the last two days.  Pau Hana didn’t want to go thru Dolomite Narrows due to being 50 feet and 60,000 pounds so they went around the island.  They had just caught big rock crab in their traps, one of them got ten the other eight in overnight sets.  Weather is very sunny but not super hot due to the winds up to 10 or so once in the anchorage.

After six pm we headed to shore to find a railroad trestle, rails, a ship converted into a bunk house, and mining gear.  We found a tram bucket and then followed a trail but found some kayakers, five at a campfire.  We got talking to them.  One of them grew up in the Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace area, but now from Snoquailamie, with others from Leavenworth and Colorado.  They started out at Rose Harbour and are headed north.  They didn’t know about all the stuff around their campsite so after an hour of chatting, we headed off in our searches.  But, they invited us to use their tidal campfire for our burnables.   Railroad bed and rails lead to a trestle and parts of the ship Dawson that used to be a bunkhouse.  We saw several old woodburning kitchen stoves, bottles, and broken plates and a boiler steam maker similar to one in Bag Harbour.  Also, a blacktail doe up very close that didn’t care about us.  We couldn’t find four Japanese grave marble markers that are in the area somewhere.  None of the books explain the location other than southern shore area.  Almost everything is covered in moss about four to six inches thick.  We headed back to our boats for dinner.

Dinner was shelled prawns cooked in garlic and butter, and the leftover pasta dish Marshall had made last night with the bread I had made earlier.  I took off right away after dinner to take advantage of the campfire for burnables.  No one was at the fire and it was very close to tide waters coming in.  Instead of moving it, I tried burning our stuff really fast.  That didn’t work as waves were coming in and drenching the bottom of the flames before I could get done, so I moved it once, then finally moved it again farther up the shore.  After building it backup to a decent size I was able to add a bit of the doused remnants also.  Finally everything was burnt up.  The tide took over and I headed to the crab pot.  Three large ones I kept and four small were sent back to get bigger.  I reset it.  11.6 miles for the day.  1028.9 total miles.  No sailing.



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