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8-3-09 Ikeda Cove Mon. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Weather has been sunny. I checked the crab pot and got five more. Took up the pot and put the dinghy motor away. The two other boats left early in the morning one around six and the other just after seven am. Marshall took a spin to the outside about 9am and said it was very lumpy but not much wind from the north. He came back in and rafted back up to us. Marshall and I decided to try and find the four Japanese grave marble markers, “in the forest along the south side of the cove”, also noted in another book, “amid the forest on the bay’s south side”. We spent about two hours searching and came up with some iron parts, battery parts, bottles, rails and such but no grave markers. Marshall continued his bread making, I had lunch. We read for a while. Another charter boat came into the cove, s/v Pireaus, a 44 footer on deck with a captain Bill. He didn’t know where the grave markers are. I called on the radio to a couple of places but we are too radio sheltered to get to anyone. We had the rock crab, bread, and mixed vegetables for dinner. Just to clarify a glass of red wine is usually at every dinner meal, sometimes a beer instead. We can’t leave too early as the current runs thru the Houston Stewart Channel about five knots against us and no place to hide.



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