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8-4-09 Rose Harbor Tues. August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Sunny weather and less windy we headed out at 9:42am.  Right away we put up a jib but the winds weren’t very strong.  Our sails were slapping due to the 2 to 3 meter seas and light winds so I put up our pole on the jib.  At first I reduced jib down in size by furling then put the pole on and finally rolled it out.  Winds were building in all this process up to 20 knots.  We had the main up so reduced it a bunch, then took it down as we jibed into Houston Stewart Channel.  Right away we could feel hot air and knew we were going to get a lot less wind.  Finally after several spins on the windex we took down the sails and motored.  When we came into the harbor there was a spare buoy, so we took it.  Pau Hana II and Onnetar were the other boats in the harbor with a few local boats.  They had already been to SGang Gwaay, the Haida village site on Anthony Island earlier today.  They said it was the best one of them all.  We found out this is a private buoy but it’s ok to use.  There is a hike about 10 minutes up a slight hill to an old Haida canoe that was in process of being carved out of a tree.  We have reservations for dinner tomorrow night at one of the houses here.  The blue herons here in the Charlottes look similar to ours but they are way shorter in the legs.  They have a stunted look to them.  Water is glassy and an orange sunset with no clouds but a haze.

We flipped the anchor chain end for end while being on the mooring buoy.  I’ve used all 300 feet five times and most of the time 150 feet or less in 7 years, 11286 nm with 1775 engine hours.  This way I’ll use up the other end.

We had the last of the salmon for dinner.  Popcorn for dessert.  Daily sail was 14.4 nm, with 19.3 total miles, and Trip of 1048.2



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