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8-7-09 Fri. Winter Harbour August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

At 5:21 am we did 107.4 nm total from Rose Harbour, 65.5 of that was by sailing. At 8:40am I turned my motor on as the winds were light of 4 to 5 knots and only doing 2 kts or a little better. We were pretty close to Vancouver Island so I told Marshall we’d seem him inside at Winter Harbour. He was ok with that. Finally we got out of the fog and there were lots of fishing boats around. They didn’t like us talking on Ch 69 even though they weren’t using it much, it was the fishing channel. We switched to 68. On the way in there were two sailboats from Victoria, one was Pacific Swift about 115’ and another Pacific Grace with two yardarms for sails about 80’ or so. They had very young kids on the grace, like 5 to 10 years old. We made it into Winter Harbour at 4:55pm. A small store called Outpost (one aisle for groceries, one for fishing stuff, one clothes, one hardware and misc. items, with liquor in the back and they had just gotten in their produce, I bought $37 worth of vegetables as while I was in the produce cooler two ladies came in and cleaned out some of the stuff and I got the last of their 2% milk. This was one of their delivery days. Ron was the guy at the till. He was friendly and nice anyway but later would get grouchy when we returned bottles and cans. Moorage was 75 cents a foot for pretty poor docks with no electric. Marshall arrived about 6:30pm and got some produce too. We should of fished on the way in. The big bite was on and everyone was talking about it. A Portland guy told be about using a jig called an Apex and put on about 3 oz. of weight. I bought one for $7.05. No crab around due to all the sea otters in the area. But I picked up a bunch of bait for prawns from some of the fishermen but a lot of it was halibut. They warned me about eels in the area and might tear up the trap and no prawns. We had dinner of left over stroganoff and hit the sack. We were tired. Crossing was 166.9 total miles, 75.5 by sailing. 1229.9 for the trip so far.



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