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8-8-09 Sat (still in Winter Harbour) August 12, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We woke up at 9:30am and got up at 10 am.  Judy started in on laundry, I did dishes from the night before and some more grocery shopping, two loaves of bread for $10, they only had one box of green tea and no regular tea or market spice etc.  I then started fixing the dinghy up, inflating it as we had it on the deck tied down for the crossing, then the big motor on.  Next was fishing gear.  Marshall agreed to go with me while Judy did his laundry.  We left at 4:20pm for a 20 minute ride to the lighthouse and decided to setup the poles then troll to the prawn area and back to the lighthouse area.  We never made it to the prawn area.  We never got the second pole ready.  One fish after another with 6 whales all around the area and sometimes only 50 feet away.  One dove right in front of us with tail flukes very close.  First salmon was 8 ¾ # 24 ¼ inches, then 14 ½ # 29 ¾ inches, 14 ¼ # 29 ½, we caught one but let him go, then a 12 ½ # at 27 ¼ inches.  When we put them on the scale all together they weighed 54 pounds instead of the 50.  I think they may of weighed more as my small scale was saying about a pound each more.  This took about 45 minutes to catch the five fish, we headed back in but stopped to make some phone calls as cell reception was good in this area and none in Winter Harbor.  We got back and I cleaned fish for quite a while, saving the heads and spines etc for prawn and hopefully crab bait in the future.  Eels don’t bother salmon as much.  I took my filets back to the sailboat.  When I got back, the guy next to me that was cleaning fish, threw away all my crab bait thinking I had left it by mistake.  I wasn’t 60 feet away and he didn’t ask me or say anything.  I told Marshall I’d be back to pick up the crab bait but he says he didn’t hear that.  He didn’t apologize or anything.  We had a few words, but he thought he was cleaning up the mess I’d left, and “I was gone for ten minutes.”

A previous sailboater that Marshall knew came on the dock with his dinghy near us and we invited them over for salmon that night.  They brought curried vegetables and a big pot of couscous, Marshall brought wine and we did ¾ of a salmon on the BBQ.  Randall and Wally from Port Townsend area.  Wally was the cook for a few weeks then he needs to catch the mail truck out of town to Port Hardy.  Randall is the guy that gave Marshall the no kneed bread recipe from the newspaper and owned the boat.  He is married to a gal down in San Diego but she doesn’t have the time off.  Weather was misty some for the day and sun didn’t break out at all.  Finally when we went fishing the mist stopped.



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