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8-21-09 Fri. Dixie Cove August 25, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

After the Uchuck deliver on Thursday, the best day to shop is Fridays.  Judy bought some produce.  We headed for south end of the community trail along the water and one out to the ocean.  I came back to the boat to work on the Mercury 2.2 engine while Judy went back to the Java the Hutt to take a picture.  The engine had a loose ground wire and maybe the spark plug was flooded.  It started right up.  After shopping we headed to Houpsitas Indian Village just across the cove.  Tracy’s store is there as advertised.  Mercury ran fine except was low on gas I thought so I put some in.  The store had chips and two slurpee machines and not much else.  We walked to a point near the wharf and there was two eagle wings and a white tail section.  Apparently someone found a dead eagle.  We headed back.  The engine kept cutting out due to the broken shut off gas valve.  We played with it and made it back.  Another sailboat boat came called Sweet Thursday from Anacortes with Mike and Kim.  Their boat was similar looking to Marshall’s and had some good improvement ideas.  They were rounding Vancouver and heading home south.  We motored to Dixie Cove.  The prettiest cove they say with a bomb proof inter cove.  After dinner these worm like things swam in a curley “Q” or figure eight fashion to the surface.  They were about six inches long and ½ to ¾ inches wide and where about every 5 feet or so near the surface.  Marshall took a movie of their antics.  Trip 1386.3 with motoring only 11.4



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