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8-23-09 Sunday – Zaballos August 25, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Bear on shore rolling rocks and slurping up the crabs and such under them.  We took the dinghy really close by rowing and got pictures.  We checked the crab pot and about 10 Dungeness but all small about 4 inches.  We checked out the dry dock on shore with a fishing boat in it leaning over.  Marshall decided to stay another day and check out the village and church.  We headed out and made a great sail to Zaballos of 11.7 miles my sailing.  On the way saw two humpback whales.  Walked around the Village of Zaballos.  Nature trail walk, Museum with mostly mining items.  They have several historic signs at various places of interest in town.  A stop for French fries at the Iris Lodge and general store.  We found three stores in town but most not well equipped.  The fuel dock was supposed to be open until 7pm but he closed early.  Forty plus church people were at the marina headed to Esperanza, a Shantymen mission by speed boats.  It took four of them.   The Uchuck III comes in on Mondays about 4:30pm but we’ll pass as a repeat of Walter’s Cove.  The library is open on Tuesday with hardwire internet but we’ll pass on that too.     1428.1 trip, 23.3% by sailing for the trip so far.



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