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8-24-09 Monday – Tahsis August 25, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

I got some gas in Zaballos then headed out.  We stopped at Esperanza Mission to check out the mission and such and tied up to the dock.  We talked to Tom who used to work at the U.S. Postal Office near my house in Shoreline.  We did a self guided tour after talking with him.  They have a small zipline of about 125 feet that I rode on.  Visited with Ray and his wife who started out as a shack near Esperanza.  We stayed for lunch with great chocolate chip cookies.  There were about 60 teenagers working on various projects.  They were doing sheet rock and such to a new lodge like building and redoing an older cabin.  I used the internet a little bit, then we left.  During the fall/winter/spring they have enough power from a pelton wheel for 60 kilowatts of electricity to power up the whole camp.  Eight inch pipe with 200 feet of head.

Tahsis was the next stop.  The water is very brown like due to an algae bloom in some areas and even more so near Tahsis.  Westview Marina is very nice with a Mexican Restaurant, clean showers and laundry area.  We were moored next to J.R. and Nan with a 40’ Bluewater Acapulco Taiwan power boat.  We talked boating a bunch and places to go with the dinghy.  We ordered beers and nachos for the four of us.  Then he gave me a tour of his boat and we had some single malt scotches on his boat.  John a friend of his that just happened to be in the area fishing stopped by too.  They are out of Tacoma Yacht Club.  1443.4 Trip Miles.  No sailing as no wind.  Rain was heavy at times in the afternoon and evening.



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