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8-26-09 Wednesdat – Bodega Cove September 1, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We did some last minute items, like filled the water tank, emptied the rain out of the dinghy. The sky was cloudless last night but lights from the big village of Tahsis didn’t make for good viewing. Marshall stayed at Esperanza so we are meeting up along the way. We just passed two rafts of sea otters. One was about 16 with some cavorting around, then about 200 feet away another raft of about 23. Mostly on their backs rafted up like boats at anchor side by side in a long raft up. We headed into Bodega Cove which has an upper pool and a lower pool. We decided on the upper pool with more protection and did a double anchor. Tenacity has her anchor and bow out north, Code Blue has her anchor and bow out south. While using a leash on Tenacity my dive watch flipped off my wrist, when it hit the dinghy motor, into the drink. We marked it with a lead weight and string in about 25’ of water fairly soon afterwards. We finished the anchoring then I got out my dive gear. I was a bit worried as I knew this area was silty and you just wave a fin or hand near the bottom and it gets so stirred up you can’t see. Besides with the dark brown algae bloom you’re lucky to see two feet. I got into the water and the visibility was four feet. I followed the string down to the bottom and it disappeared into the muck without a trace of the lead weight. I used my Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD) air only to maneuver up and down with only very light hand motions for side movements. Wow, the black watch had its stainless steel back upwards and the strap was mostly buried and only two feet from the string, that was fast. I then proceeded to check out zincs, hulls and anchors on both boats. Tenacity did have about a one foot scratch on the port side, probably from the big rock at Scow Bay see 8-19-09 story, as it looked fresh. Paint would fix it up just fine. Code Blue’s shaft zinc is getting close to replacement, I last replaced it on 1-9-09 and checked on 6-16-09 it looked fine. The 60 pound Ultra anchor on Code Blue was buried in the muck without a trace for about 6 feet on the chain. Tenacity’s anchor, a Manson Supreme 35, was partly set in the muck as it wasn’t pulled down hard.

After the diving we went for a dinghy ride around the area. A seal was chasing fish and flare ups would happen on the surface once in a while. A big rock was starting to show near the entrance as the tide was coming down now. We went out the back outlet and then came in another way. Even at high tide, no way sailboats could exit out the back. Depths between the upper and lower pools got down to 8 feet as we came in the first time. We’ll have to watch it on the way out. Weather was sunny and then cloudy later in the day. You can see stars now but clouds are in the way for part of the sky. Trip 1457.7, for 14.3 miles of motoring.



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