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8-28-09 Friday – Hot Springs Cove September 1, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We started out at 6:49am. Nice weather not much wind, but lots of swell left over from yesterdays blow. I’d say at least three to four meter combined seas. We motored most of the way with one attempt of sailing at ½ mile, then later another sail of 7.1 miles. There was lots of spume around the entrance to Hot Springs Cove. We got a spot on the dock. It’s a hike of two kilometers to the Hot Springs from the dock area on a boardwalk that’s kind of neat. Lots of boats owners have carved their boat name on to the boardwalk. Now you pay supposedly $100 for a board, carve it then give it back to them and they replace an old plain board with a newly carved one of their choice. Yesterday the swell was so big at high tide the main pool was flooded about 3 feet high with cold sea water at one point and flushed all the soakers out of the area. Today at high tide some waves would send in a little bit of sea water to cool the main pool to just the right temp. This was Marshall’s first time. There is a great shower area that water comes down on you from above but is pretty hot. We headed back and noted a marker light had a fog horn going like a tone from a champagne glass swirl with your finger on the rim. I took the dinghy over to another sailboat for a tour that was in our anchorage last night and tonight too. A Morris 45’ racer/cruiser called Firefly, kept at Elliott Bay Marina. Very pretty with varnish, butternut wood and carbon epoxy for mast, boom, and a racing wheel he doesn’t use much. It weighs the same as mine does at 40 feet, around 21,000 pounds. Sprinkles and then rain early evening. We caught 35 rock crab at the dock in one set. Most were small but we kept two and one Dungeness. Trip 1499.7 Sail 7.6, Motoring 23.0.



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