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8-29-09 Saturday – West White Pine Cove September 1, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

I started carving my sign for the boardwalk while Judy took off for the hot springs again. The carving was going really slow. I’d transferred Code Blue to the board with pencil then took an Exacto knife and cut in the markings. I made some edge side cuts but it was taking forever. I had a Dremel tool but it only had a small grinding wheel on it for glass. I figured if it would work for glass maybe it would work for wood, in this case cedar. Wonder of wonders it did fine. I finished the board in about an hour similar to the text style on the boat but smaller as the boards are 2 ½” x 8” tall by about 40”. I talked Marshall into doing one also. He was much faster as we had the process down. Also, his copy of the text on his boat fit perfectly on the board. We added SV and the year to each board. In the old days just a few years ago a person would carve their board then pull up an old boardwalk board wherever they wished. Now the Parks Dept. wants to control which boards get replaced when. We left the boards on the steps of the caretaker’s cottage. The new caretaker is more of a party guy and doesn’t have much heart in taking care of the place is the word being passed around. We headed out to the inside route to Tofino. I saw several salmon jumping so we decided to troll with the sail up. Then when the wind gave out we motored at troll speed. A bait ball was jumping on the surface a bunch so we trolled right thru it and Judy had a big bite that took her lure, a silver Apex. All I had was a pearl spoon so I set that up for her as a replacement. Then I got a bite and it stayed on. A 9 pound coho with 26 inches in length. We stopped fishing and motored to the inner cove site of West White Pine Cove. A small sport fishing boat was anchored. We had crab and salad for dinner. The moon just came up and stars are looking good considering part of the moon is out too. Weather was sunny and warm. Marshall headed to the First Nation Village area. We went there last year so didn’t want a repeat. Trip 1518.9, sail 5.2, motor 14.0.



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