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8-31-09 Monday – Tofino, Fourth Street Dock September 1, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Fog in the morning a bit then fairly nice. We headed to a hike on Meares Island called Big Tree Trail with the boat. There are several big trees near the trail that look to be over 800 years old. One is called “Hanging Garden Tree” that is said to be fifteen hundred years old and the fourth-largest western red cedar in British Columbia. We had set a crab pot before hand and caught two Dungeness after the hike. There are crab pots all over this area. Sometimes every fifty feet or less, especially if it is a main channel. We got into Tofino and checked out the galleries, hardware store, fish lure supply sections and now a very nice grocery store. It just opened in March. It was a rather small store before when we were here three years ago. We filled up on groceries and for a dollar (ok Loonie) more they will take you back to the marina. In this case he took all the groceries to the boat too as there weren’t any dock carts available. We were on D dock, almost the furthest out. There are only two seats, so only one passenger gets to ride. I ran up to the liquor store and got a box of wine too. Ran that back to the van in time to include it in the grocery run to the boat. Then I went searching in vain for the silver Apex lure that some fish took from Judy. Marshall finally got to town and found a commercial sized washer to wash his sleeping bag. We then had Island Farms Mango Ice Cream at the Co-op Store, the second trip. We had to eat dessert first as the store closed too early for us to eat it after dinner. Then we headed down to the boat for Dungeness crab and a couple of salads that Marshall had gotten. We were stuffed. Judy thought we’d celebrated her birthday well especially since I cooked and did the dishes. Trip 1552.0, motor 9.5, no sailing.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
sent 9-1-09
Now in Tofino, soon Ucluelet, Broken Island Group and Barkley Sound



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