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9-4-09 Friday – Robbers Passage, Port Alberni Yacht Club September 6, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

There are tons of oysters around here. We think they are safe as there is an oyster farm nearby, but would like to know. We head to Lucky Creek which is supposed to be really cool. We can see on the chart it is fairly long. It’s high tide about an hour before. We get to the waterfall and it is about 4 feet high with two falls to it. Not so great but I can see there are other falls above. I climb a rock face that looks steep but not bad once I get on it. Wow, a bunch of small falls and pools plus a lace waterfall above. I go back down to get the camera and take pictures. I notice maybe a trail heading down. I take it and fairly nice tree roots and such to grab onto. At the bottom I call out to Judy and she brings the dink over. She makes it up easy, on the trail on the right as you look at the falls, and gets the nice views too. It’s a bit cold but the pools look inviting. Waggoner Cruising Guide of 2005 I notice afterwords has a nice section on this I’d like to include here.

“Suddenly, before our eyes was a storybook waterfall directly out of Walt Disney’s imagination. Seeing that waterfall, we knew Tinker Bell was about; she was just too quick for us to see. When you go, tie the dingy off to the side and climb up to a series of bathing pools. Enjoy. But remember that just as Cinderella had to run when the clock tolled twelve, you cannot stay. If you tarry too long the falling tide will close you in.”

Afterwords we head over to Toquart Bay Park nearby and find out the PSP ban has been lifted for shellfish as of four days ago. We head back to the boat, have lunch then I head out for oysters at near high water. After oysters we head out to Port Alberni YC Outstation at Robbers Passage. We pass three kayakers on the way and about 10 minutes later a major down pour occurs. Another ten minutes and it stops. On the way I fixed up 6 oysters with Panko breading. We each eat three. Then 6 more later. Yum. We notice Steve and Elsie H. were here on the 31st, from the sign-in book, so now they are 5 days ahead of us instead of 8. Bill with his belt buckle, “BILL”, shows us around the YC. There is an SSYC burgee on the wall. I think from Larry G. We walk the trails and note showers are $2 per person which is pretty good. We head back to the boat. Trip 1607.4 for 14.3 motoring.



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