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9-5-09 Saturday – Bamfield Inlet near McKay Bay Lodge September 6, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

We had rain off and on last night, with rain this morning off and on. We head to Bamfield a short distance and notice hundreds of sport boats fishing along the south shore. We stop at the Bamfield General store on the west side. A sport boat stops by with three springs around 15 pounds on two of them. There is a $10,000 three day derby going on to the biggest fish, daily prizes of $3000, 1st, 2K 2nd, and 1 K 3rd, and lots of other money and prizes. He usually gets $300 to 700 every year. We get a little bit of groceries then anchor near McKay Bay Lodge where the official derby weigh-in is. I notice the 1st place for the day is 41.8 pounds, 2nd 32.7#, 3rd is 31.8# so far. Another sailboat, 35’ Endurance, “Wave Runner”, is nearby running their engine to freeze their fish and a 54’ power boat are anchored too.

I talked to the two guys on Wave Runner. They are not part of the derby but one of them had a 15# coho on and had it close to the boat. The other guy had the net ready to bring it in and a seal stole the salmon at the last second before it went in the net. He put the brake on the line as best he could but eventually lost most everything.

We hiked around, out to Brady’s Beach, did the circle trail nearby, boardwalk trail, then went over to the east side and walked around a bit. The library is in the school, 8-4 Mon. – Thurs said to have free WiFi and internet but closed while we are here. Internet is available in the bay for $10 for 3 hours or 10 hours for $25. We stopped in at the museum, dock and a park near Grappler Inlet. We came back to the boat and had some more oysters, then headed out for the big date. A band, Auto Pilot, is at Hawk’s Nest Pub. We are seated with the girlfriend of the band leader, Parm; and the van driver + photographer, Don, for the band. It’s a heavy rock group, I don’t recognize any songs but Judy does on one. They are pretty good. A couple of motorcycle looking dressed guys buy six drinks for the three piece band of bass, acoustical, and drums. We have the mushroom burger with fries. No dancing or space to dance. As we head back to the dinghy it’s clear at first then a light sprinkle. The dinghy shows signs of rain while we were gone, so I bail some. I dig out the lifejackets out of the plastic bag and put them on. We head to the boat a short distance, but then it downpours. I kick it into high gear and plane the last ½ of the trip. Trip 1611.3 for 3.9 motoring.



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