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9-6-09 Sunday – Still at Bamfield Inlet September 6, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

Sprinkles and rain last night and some this morning, then it gets nice and sunny for a while. We’re making plans to head to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre but then the rains come in downpours. We read books and mess with the computer. Hot Chocolate and I remember a rum bottle hidden away with a few ounces in it from Whidbey Island Race Week that was given to me from the Pirate as a prize. Weather window is saying 15-25 knots from the NW tomorrow. This sounds good for us to head out then. Presently we have rain and light wind from the south in the inlet here. Ok, the wind just kicked up some by making noise. Rain break so I head to the fish station. Yesterdays winners are 41.8 pounds 1st, 35.5 for 2nd, and 32.7 for 3rd. So far the high for today is 43.4 pounds. A couple of 23 pounders came in while I was there. We stopped in at the Sciences Centre and found out we can use their internet. Also talked to a professor Mike and his wife (Hyo) on a Baba 30. They are headed out tomorrow (to Mexico) also if the weather is as they say. Maybe some more pictures soon to the blog site. Hope to be in Victoria in a day or so. Mostly rain today, but OK last 2 hours.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth
s/v Code Blue
Bamfield Inlet 9-6-09



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