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9-12-09 Saturday – Capital City Yacht Club then Sidney Spit September 23, 2009

Posted by captnmike in The Queen Charlottes 2009.

There is a YC right next door called Capital City YC so we went there in the morning but they are building a new Yacht club building so no showers or anything so we went to Sidney North Saanich YC via dinghy, showered and used the internet. Then took a walk around to some chandleries and parks in the area. We then headed to Sidney Island and Sidney Spit. Great sunset with oranges and reds. As we were watching the sunset later, some space material or something re-entered and it was like a shooting star but slower and very bright, then it broke up and two objects were doing a re-entry burn. Finally it stopped burning fairly low. We were out to shore trying to pay for the $10 mooring fee, while the park rangers were collecting at the boats. We met them on the dock and found out there is no locked box to drop the payment into like in the US. We paid them at the dock. Most parks you pay in a box like we are used to but not this one. Water is very calm and weather was warm, we set a crab trap. We heard Seattle was heading to 85 F. Trip 1754.2, motor 4.1



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