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Code Blue Broughtons 2010 August 10, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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I haven’t had time to write a bunch so mostly these are just the simple fact items. We’re traveling with some boat buddies of ours, Alan and Wendy on Bluefin, and Dan and Billie on Dark Star.

7-28-10 9am working on putting in a new 10 gal hot water heater due to leakage in the old one. Took us, Joe Sporcic and I, 12 hours to get in the new one. Just want to thank Joe a whole bunch for helping to get this puppy in. Way better for showers and washing dishes now that we have 10 gals with a water temp mixer. The rest of the night we packed up the boat with more stuff. Finally left in the morning.

7-29-10 5:16am left dock, odm 12817.4; 5:55am out lock. Visibility good but later a bit foggy some wind from south and on a beam. Foulweather Bluff vis better now 8:50am. Prevost Harbor anchor up with Blue Fin, Dark Star, Whisper. 32.4’ depth, 48 40.676, 123 11.703, Ehs 2025.0, odm 12,898.6, Trip 76.0. Set crab pots but nothing.

7-30-10 6:16am left Prevost, arrived Bedwell Customs 7:42am. Customs does not start until 8am. 20102110224 Canadian Customs number. Arrived Nanaimo YC, Rusty is the manager. We moored on H dock at the very north end. 3pm, 49 10.709, 123 56.442, 22.0’ depth, 121.8 2033l1 Ehs, Trip,12947.6 odm, ate at fish and chips place downtown, had ice cream double, beer at NYC.

7-31-10 8:15am left NYC, Saw 4 female orcas with Bluefin nearby, back flip at 75’, then most action at 50 yds. Horshell Channel just north of coming out of ferry dock area. Anchorage at Tribune Bay on Hornby Island 40.2’ with raft up 4 boats, Ehs 2039.4, Odm 129857, 49 31.175, 124 37.606, Trip 157.6Re-anchor Ehs 2039.55, 27.1 depth, 49 31.420, 124 37.763, Trip 158.1

8-1-10 Pulled anchor at 9:19am, solenoid does not click in for up anchor, 25 tries then worked 5 times in a row. Coastal Explorer would not work. Fired up but you touch the screen to do anything and it would collapse and exit. Used Nobeltec. Discovery Harbour Marina K-9 3:37pm Campbell River, Ehs 2046.6, 13032.6 Odm, 50 02.102, 125 13.489, Trip 202.2.

8-2-10 left dock at 10:54am, arrived Gowlland Harbor for raft up with Panta Rhei, Larry and Karen Nelson. Ehs 2046.6, 51.1 depth, Odm 13037.2, 50 04.698, 125 14.658, Trip 206.5. Re-anchor due to winds came up after Alaskan Halibut potluck dinner, fresh bread by Karen. 9:23pm –9:38pm Ehs 2046.9, Odm 13037.5, 50 04.984, 125 13.722, Trip 206.9

8-3-10 11:29am motor on, 12:30pm Seymour Narrows, then just north 4 females and 1 male Orca. Overnight at Blenkinsop Bay, Ehs 2053.6, 44’ depth, Odm 13083.7, 50 28.696, 126 01.654 Next day 1:11 slack at Chatham Channel about 18 miles due to 9:30am flood.

8-4-10 9:32 am start 2nd solar panel back in operation, so 4 amps to 8 amps. Arrived at Lagoon Cove at 1:30pm, inside dock moorage, Ehs 2057.5, 22.2’ depth, Odm 13107.4, 50 35.884, 126 38.736, Trip 274.3. Dan caught some good sized males but a bit soft. Potluck shrimp dinner. Explored toward Port Harvey but stopped in channel fairly soon. Bear stories by Bill thanks to Jean prodding.

8-5-10 Left Lagoon Cove 12:12pm. Arrived at Crease Is. Near Goat Islet. Ehs 2060.8, 16’depth, Odm 13125.5, 50 36.870, 126 38.736, Trip 290.4.

8-6-10 11:29am left Crease Is. Arrived Alert Bay at Government Dock. Ehs 2062.7, 16’ depth, Odm 13139.5, 50 35.031, 126 55.754, Trip 303.3. Culture Center Museum with masks, blankets and coppers, walked to tallest totem pole 173’, checked out totems at grave site, Rachel Fuller, sax player at Restaurant was great. Her husband works on the local ferry, she plays on cruise ships. Finally rain this evening.

8-7-10 Left dock at 7:49am. Chg fuel tanks at 8:59am, Ehs 2062.9, Odm 13140.2, Trip 304.2.Waddington Bay entrance several hundred Dall’s porpoises, tried calling Bluefin many times. Ehs 2066.25, 34.6 depth, Odm13159.8, 50 43.109, 126 36.093, Trip 321.8. Two boats in the bay. Light rain over night. Worked on the anchor windlass. Finally figured out if I tap on the solenoid with a rubber mallet it works every time. A bit of a pain but easier than hauling the anchor by hand. For some reason it sticks quite a bit, but the more I use it the better it works. It’s sealed in yellow plastic so I don’t want to tear it apart out here with no easy part replacements.

8-8-10 When we left 5 boats in the bay. Talked to m/v General a 37’ Nordic Tug from Anacortes. Left at 12:08pm. Went by Echo Bay, 2 big power boats, 2 big sailboats. Arrived at Laura Cove at 2:04pm Ehs 2068.05, 30’ depth, Odm 13170.9, 50 49.493, 126 34.219, Trip 332.1. Alan has 200 ft of chain out and stern tie. We are tied to his port side. Two other boats closer in another section. Lots of pink salmon jumping in Laura Bay nearby. We tried several lures and such. No luck.

8-9-10 Left Laura Cove at 10:50am, motored to Greenway Sound Marina Ehs 2069.8, 111’ depth, Odm 13182.5, 50 50.360, 126 46.310, Trip 342.4. North side on north dock. Tripp is the new owner. He wears a UW Husky hat, purple and gold.

We took a dingy ride over to Broughton Lagoon. Like river rafting in reverse with the dingy going up, then later at lower water going down thru some rapids. Then took a hike up to Broughton Lake and some corduroy roads with logs across the trails. Good weather today. Had a double ice cream cone when we got back.

8-10-10 Took the dingy back to Broughton Lagoon for the outgoing waterfall at 9:30am this morning. It has 3 outlets but two are way too rocky at this level. The main one is too steep.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue



1. Dolly Leber - August 11, 2010

Awesome! Sending my love & best wishes to Judy, Steve, Wendy & Allan & whomever else is there.

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