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Grappler Sound near Overflow Basin August 11, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.

‘8-10-10 1:20pm arrived Grappler Sound near Overflow Basin.  Ehs 2071.6, 32.1 feet depth, Odm 13194.4, 50 57.481, 126 51.784, Trip 353.1.  We took dingy rides up the waterfall, explored the basin.  Came back.  Tried fishing but no luck.  Set our crabpots.  Alan and Wendy came back after stopping at Sullivan Bay.  They got some groceries for $20 with 5 gals. water for $5.

Alan Vogt running up Overflow Basin with his dingy

‘8-11-10 Left Grappler Sound near Overflow Basin at 8:16am  Lost crabpot in weeds at Embley Lagoon from overnight set, found in 165’ of water tangled with float partially out, line was only 100 feet long.  Recovered everything but took about ½ hour of searching.  Rowed into lagoon, found 350 yards away per Nobeltec measurement outside the lagoon..  At first looked like foam as one float was viewable but only partly out of water.  Now at Jennis Bay Marina Ehs 2074.0, 26.5’ depth, Odm 13,205.3, 50.54.821, 127 01.623, Trip 363.6.  Seven boats on the dock.  Last night they had to raft out the marina was so crowded.

Steve and Judy



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