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8-13 and 14 Kwatsi Bay & Port Harvey August 14, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.

‘8-13-10  Kwatsi Bay 3:24pm, Ehs 2082.7, Odm 13,258.8, 50 52.144, 126 14.077 Trip 413.2.  Kwatsi Bay is full and doesn’t raft out.  We ended up going to the end of the bay and anchor rafting all three boats.  Room tomorrow night at the dock if we want.  Lots of fish jumping around.  I noticed a neighbor boat from Kirkland was out fishing in his dingy and catching salmon right and left.  I got in our dingy and rowed over to let him know it’s a “Fin Fish Conservation Area” with no fishing is the whole bay.  He didn’t know and released the last Coho he had just caught.  It swam away nice after sitting stunned for a bit.  It was too late for the other one he had in the boat.  Later I gave him a digital copy of the maps and areas where you aren’t allowed to fish.  He was thankful and gave me a beer.  Judy made the pudding for the Banana cream pie.  We had the birthday party for Dan with banana cream pie.  Wendy did the piecrust.  We ripened green bananas from Echo Bay in the sun good enough.  The whip cream can was out of pressure so we opened the can with a pair of pliers and pulled off the nozzle then dumped the whip cream on each plate.  Billie went all out with special candles, birthday glasses and such with special plates, napkins and the works.  Later that night we watched shooting stars in August, Perseid Metor Shower.  We saw 6 in about ½ hour. 

‘8-14-10  We headed to Port Harvey Marina.  Current was with us almost the whole way.  This marina just opened up last summer.  Very long dock, nice store, power near the store but he turns off power at night.  Showers only $2.50, we had 3 piece fish and chips and a hamburger to share.  Wifi at the dock is too far from the antenna at the house so we went to the house after setting a crabpot.  Very infested with mosquitos at the house.  No wind to keep them at bay.  Judy left right away.  Another boater friend found some spray on the deck so I’m still here but they left.  Owners say the Marina is doing very well for the second summer.  Well I’m good for the night.



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