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Broughtons 8-14/22 August 22, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.

Getting ready to enter the water for zinc dive at Port Harvey Marina

8-14-10 Port Harvey Marina 3:23pm, Ehs 2088.0, Odm 13292.9, 50 34.052, 126 16.075, Trip 445.0. Lee and Rosie of m/v Hellen-Marie (a 34’ DeFever Passagemaker) were on the dock and they are friends of Daleen and John that we went to Alaska with two years ago. We met them at Daleen’s birthday party end of June. Rosie had done well at Stimpson Reef catching a 9 lb. lingcod and they gave us the carcass for crab bait and ½ the lingcod to eat.


‘8-15-10 I did a dive at the dock to replace my zincs. Just the shaft one needed to be replaced. The keel cooler zincs were fine. I also checked out their boat for any problems. Just a few paint chips otherwise fine. We rinsed the dive gear and dried it in the hot sun in the 80’s again, finally left Port Harvey at 1:57pm with final heading to Forward Harbor. We missed fishing at Stimpson Reef and stopped in at Port Neville government dock near the old Store (Est.1924), and Post Office set up in 1895. They say the first PO on the west coast of Canada. Alex is the caretaker and gave us a tour. Port Neville 4:20pm, 22’ depth at the dock, Ehs 2090.4, Odm 13306.0, 50 29.566, 126 05.255, Trip 458.1 At the dock we got a hand from other boaters as the outside seemed too short for us, so we went inside at the last minute with our starboard tie setup and bow out. We took a short hike on an old logging road and toured the grounds. Next morning we left for Forward Harbor at 8:37am.

Caretaker at Port Neville & Museum

8-16-10. On the way to Forward Harbor we got to sail for 8/10ths of a mile with our main up only. First time with the motor off sailing since we started this trip. Didn’t last long in Johnstone Strait as we had to go up Sunderland Channel were the wind died on the way in and then the current kicked in against us. Arrived at Douglas Bay in Forward Harbor, 11:20pm, 29’ depth, Ehs 2092.9, Odm 13321.0, 50 28.903, 125 45.288, Trip 472.5. Very nice and sunny again today with in the 80’s and clear skies, less a bit due to the smoke from a forest fire it seems but no one knows much or anything about the fire. It has to be big as we noticed this smoke somewhat in Drury Inlet and for sure when we noticed it at Kwatsi Bay. Today while motoring I repaired the dish drain rack that Judy has with 30 glue points repaired. Two boats on a raft up are here with one fishing boat anchored, then it left and now a Grand Banks boat is here. We’re headed to set a crab pot, then check out Forward Harbor Marina about 2 miles away. Well, Forward Harbor Marina was in operation one summer in 2007 then the docks and pilings got torn up by an ice storm, fresh water from a creek froze, then wind with the ice tore out the pilings and docks. They have a make shift dock that Dan was working on. He gave us a ride on a 4 WD quad ATV up to the non commercial bar with a great pool table that Gordon and Dan watch over. We then headed to Isabelle’s house where she was playing the organ. There are two petroglyphs near her house at the beach. One appears to be a halibut, with a human head, and then another next to it is a salmon or at least a fish that looks like a salmon. She has three part wolf dogs, one female, 90% wolf, a male about 60%, then a younger one about 50% who is very friendly. The other two were pretty shy. She has a wind generator at her house but it wasn’t turning even though there seemed to be enough wind. We could hear a generator running in the back ground for the freezer she said. We signed her guest book then headed back to the pool table for a game. Mind you this is the type of outback bar the owners feel comfortable taking a whiz just a few steps from the front door even though equipped with a washroom just as close. Gordon and I were partners, Judy and Dan were partners. Petty close game that lasted quite a while. Finely Gordon and I finished the game. There were three wind generators humming along pretty good. They say they have WiFi in the area. I headed to the beach for another set of petroglyphs. Three bear faces on a rock. Just about when we were to leave Marvin showed up, Isabelle’s son. We walked back to the dock about 300 meters. On the way, some friends of Isabelle’s were in a small John Deere type truck They had been checking out the logging roads with it. By now wind had kicked up and white caps were on the surface. We checked the crab pot on the way back and got about 10 big females and one male. We reset closer to shore per Lee’s notes to us, then headed for a hike to Sunderland Channel. Lots of huckleberries and many trail markers of flotsam gathered and placed on the trail. We then headed back to the crab pot and got two more males, now enough for dinner. The boat was hot inside so we opened up the hatches and portlights, had dinner then closed up the hatches when the sun went down and things got cool. You can see a distant peak so the smoke in the sky has diminished a bunch, maybe due to further south now. Another couple of boats have come in since we headed to the marina.



Gordon at the pool table at Forward Harbor Marina

Dan at the bar waiting his turn for pool.



Petroglyph near house at Forward Harbor



Petroglyph of bears near bar at Forward Harbor


‘8-17-10 I checked the crab pot one more time. Not much bait left in it so only one rock crab and two small star fish. We headed out after talking with m/v Sculpin a 39 foot Krogen from Seattle that looked nice. They were headed to Cameleon Harbor, we weren’t sure but thought of across from Blind Channel Marina. Later we decided on somewhere in Cameleon Harbor (CH) looked better and more interesting. An old orchard to check out, trail to a lake, better fishing around maybe, that sort of stuff. We motor sailed some and had current with us most of the way. Sculpin tucked back in the end of CH. We looked at Thurston Bay on the way in but pretty exposed to wind, so we went in further to Handfield Bay that is part of CH. Supposedly there is an orchard nearby from an old homestead. Before dinner I tried to find the orchard. Finally after tromping in the woods for an hour the 5 cherry trees and one apple tree are right out front near the water. Next time mental note to wear jeans instead of shorts even if it is hot out. About the only thing left of the homestead is some corrugated metal roofing. Judy baked a banana bread to use of the last of the free bananas from Sullivan Bay. Again there were great stars out with a clear night.

‘8-18-10 We’ve decided to take a hike up to the lake that starts at Thurston Bay. We checked out the lagoon on the way and noted a sailboat anchored inside. At Thurston, after searching in the overgrown briar patch for about an hour I came up with 3 garter snakes, 1 squirrel, two pink trail markers, and sort of a trail along the creek for a bit, but that was it. The book said it was over grown three years ago. I’d say it was over grown. We had a nice lunch out on the point, then headed back. When we got back to the boat we headed over to s/v Dromen a Jason 35 to find out about the trail. But they had missed the trail start, but thought it was to the left. I got a tour of Jerry’s boat and they were in need of Canadian charts. We exchanged info then headed to the trail head. It was nicely marked and we made it to the Lagoon side. Judy walked around to the point but I didn’t want to mess with the mud and heat. We came back to the boat. I down loaded a copy of the Canadian charts and took them over to Dromen. We had problems loading them into Coastal Explorer but we did get them on their computer. Jerry is from Portland Oregon area. Dromen means dream in Skandinavian he’s heard. We took off and headed to Octopus Island and saw another Caliber 40 LRC on the way out, s/v Seeker, hull # 40160 or San Diego. They are up for three years based at Pender Harbor. We had a time limit to get to Okisollo Upper Rapids. We motored some, then sailed most of the way with winds with us. We noted lots of fishing boats, sport and commercial at the entrance of Okisollo Channel. We anchored in Osprey Cove in about 20’ of water at Octopus Island Marine Park. We checked out our memento sign at the cabin and noted it was gone. They get so many they have to clean out the cabin once in a while. I worked on a new sign with a Dremel tool, drawing sketch of our boat and part of our boat card on a nice piece of cedar at the boat.


‘8-20-10 Next day we screwed it to the roof so that it was readable, near Whisper and Blue Fin who had recently entered new dates on their momentos. Dark Star had also entered a new month/year in another area of the cabin. We then took off for a hike to Newton Lake and Small Inlet. A half mile to the inlet, then another mile to the Lake, then about another half mile to the best swim spot on the lake near a big granite slope rock. We talked to two gals and guy that went swimming. The sisters used to live on Quadra Island as kids but one was in college in Victoria, her sister and boyfriend were crew on various boats lately in the Caribbean, but soon to be in the Netherlands on a 120’ ship. They were showing the boyfriend the local places before they had to get back to work We had lunch from our packs. Then went in the water before they left, a bit cooler than my hand test. Some loons swam nearby and did a couple of calls. We retraced our steps and got back to the boat. Judy decided to clean out the fridge and found another crab bait bag which was causing part/most of the stink. I took it out to see if we could get any crab so it would be on the way out in the morning. Another great night for stars but not until later due to the ¾ moon out in the early evening.



‘8-21-10 We got up at 7am to get to Surge Narrows by 8:51pm. I saw two rock crabs and a small sea starfish. We got to Surge Narrows at 8:58 in flat water, then headed over to Surge Narrows Store that is closed for good it looks like. We got to this store three years ago, then they said it was closed for the season. Now docks are falling in, closed signs and no trespassing signs all over. We tied up at the government dock very close by. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-3pm for mail service. We then headed to Village Bay, I thought, but went further due to miscommunication. We stopped in at Open Bay, looked at Moulds Bay and Hyacinthe Bay, then went on to the Government Dock at Heriot Bay. We were on the breakwater float, so took the dingy for a garbage run, bottle return and grocery store. Judy checked out the laundromat at only $1.50 a load and 25 cents for 4 minutes in the large drier. An elderly lady, that reminded me of my grandmother in my earlier days, wanted a boat ride and thought maybe there might be a boat for hire at the dock. The Heriot Bay boat that normally does tours for $44 was broken down. The ramp was too steep for her to come down due to her knees hurting. She left me her phone number and the place where she was staying. I called from the grocery to let here know at the B&B that I couldn’t find a boat and left a message at the office but they thought she had checked out for good. We took our boat over to Rebecca’s Spit nearby (9/10ths of a nm) and anchored. Then the rains let loose pretty good with heavy rain and some lightning. Our first major rain for the trip if you don’t count Alert Bay. I just unplugged the radio antenna, and shut off the breakers and unplugged the computer due to all the lightning going on.

‘8-22-10 Doing laundry today and checking on email. $1.50 a load and 25 cents for giant load of dryer for 4 minutes. Email is very slow but works usually. Can’t send very big emails or to many people.

Steve & Judy



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