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s/v Code Blue – Shark Spit Regatta & Gorge Harbour August 25, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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‘8-22-10 Finished laundry, got some groceries then headed to the dock were we saw the winds had kicked up to 15-20 kts. We put the laundry in big plastic bags that we had brought for rain protection, not wave protection. We headed out to the boat about a mile away. Right away water came into the dingy, and the bags went floating inside the dingy. We got to Code Blue and our laundry was dry but we were soaked mostly on one side from wind and waves. We sailed to Gorge Harbour part of the way then the winds died and motored. After anchoring in the harbour we ate a fast meal and there was a guitarist, Stephanie DeFresne, out on the deck and grass area. We brought wine and cushions, she played from 7:30 to about 9:15pm. They were ballad songs of her own writing and composition. She had two CD’s available but I left my wallet at the boat as it was in the drying out stage. Since the last time we were here three years ago they have put in new docks, ramps, swimming pool and patio brickwork on the lawn. Lots of boats are on the docks. Weather is nice today. I’m having sign in problems as they use a user name and password here. Trip 547.8

’8-23-10 Another musician is playing tonight. We were going to go for a walk but saw s/v Osprey in the harbor and stopped by to talk to Steve and Elsie. They are here for the Shark Spit Regatta that s/v Dromen told us about for the 24th. We decided to help out Steve and Elsie in the race tomorrow. Not as many people listening to the singer as rain is threatening with some sprinkles.

‘8-24-10 We’re in the Shark Spit Regatta near Gorge Harbor at Uganda Passage, their 25th year. About 40 boats in the race, with 20 trying to go around the island, which was new this year, in almost no wind,. We chose the regular short course and came in 4th in a friends boat. About 200 people at the potluck later that night at 6:30pm. Only one boat finished the around the island race and only because they paddled the last section thru the passage. We got a trophy for 4th. Friends have an Annapolis 44. We beat another Annapolis 44 in the race. We got a ride back to Gorge Harbor in a boat from Shelton, then brought Code Blue out to the spit and rafted with Osprey. It was a bit crowded with all the boats from the race and a bunch more. Things looked good and calm so we stayed the night. Trip 550.2 About 2:15am we got up and went back into Gorge Harbor due to some boats were too close to us and winds had kicked up some. Trip 552.4

‘8-25-10 We’re in Galley Bay near head of Malaspina Pennisula on Gifford Pennisula. Just made an apple crisp, from the apples we got from the orchard. A bear was in the orchard yesterday, but none today. Weather hit 80’s today here. We stopped in to see a friend of ours. We went swimming in the water. I thought a bit cold but felt good due to the heat. We’re headed to Toba Wildernest Marina & Resort tomorrow. Trip 569.4, Odm 13422.5

s/v Code Blue
Steve and Judy



1. Diana - August 26, 2010

Hey Judy and Steve,

Just ‘hi’. I love reading about your adventures. Hope you’ll be home for NW Harvest.

Love, Diana

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