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Bowman Bay 9-6-10 September 8, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.

‘9-6-10 Mon. – Crab omelet was great. Cheese, lots of crab and 6 eggs for the two of us. Beluga had already left when we got out. We checked the crab pot and 5 more crab were in the trap. We headed out but the weather was a bit nasty with. Heavy mist and at times down right rain. Wind on our nose but we did have current with us most of the time. We checked out Smuggler’s Cove on Cypress Island per the book “Precious Cargo” by Clyde Ford. I tried calling s/v Windwalker on channel 16 as I figured they’d be in the area. No response but not long afterwards we a saw a sailboat waving at us. It was Todd and Alissa on Windwalker heading back to Anacortes. They had been on Sucia Island also but in Shallow Bay on the west side of the island. We were headed to Bowman Bay, ( Trip 803.8). Tide turned against us big and way more rain. We decided not to go any further for the day. We never did get to shore with all the mist and rain. We anchored in 15 feet. The next morning we could plainly see the anchor in about 8 feet of water.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



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