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Echo Bay, Sucia Island 9-4 & 5 September 8, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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‘9-4-10 Sat – Echo Bay, Sucia Island (778.1) We anchored separately but fairly close. They brought Ella a ½ golden retriever and ½ blond poodle. We took a walk over to Fossil Bay and back to the center area. We invited them to dinner on Code Blue as we’ve eaten at their place several times in the past on San Juan Island as we’ve come thru with the boat. The weather was calm and gorgeous thru the evening with stars out pretty good.

‘9-5-10 Sun. – But early in the morning 20 plus knot winds came howling from the north about 1:30am until about 5am or so. Several boats dragged anchor over at Fossil Bay and two big boats dragged a ways in Echo Bay with no damage. Sam missed all the action but heard about it the next day when he took Ella to shore. Sam redid his icebox into a spill over refrigerator/freezer with lots of extra insulation and vacuum panels. I got some hints on what to do with ours that is in the planning stages. We set a crab pot trap out for each boat at 11:30am. Kay had some butter clams frozen and prawn heads that she shared. We had some chicken fat, cooked chicken thigh bones, and some raw chicken thigh skin added in with our bait box. At 1:30pm after only two hours I checked our pot and had six legal sized crab of which we could only keep five. One was big at 7 ½ inches plus. Kay checked her pot after my report and had two. We’re having crab tonight with corn on the cob. We went for a hike around Shallow Bay north and south portion then headed to s/v Beluga their boat for carrot cake and ice cream to celebrate Sam’s upcoming birthday on the 8th. We brought beer for ourselves and some pistachio nuts to share. We headed back to our boat for crab. Not much of a sunset tonight. I used some solar heated water to do the dishes but then heated more on the stove to get the greasy stuff clean as the solar water wasn’t super hot. Judy cracked two crab for tomorrows crab omelet.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



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