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Port Townsend 9-7 & 8 Merrie Ellen & Lady Washington September 8, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.

‘9-7-10 Tues. – We got up at 7am to get to Port Townsend (Trip 826.9) to meet some friends from Sequim. Current was with us most of the way. Down right sunny at times and no rain but some mist early on. Got to PT a little before noon. We had crab for lunch with a salad. Friends gave us a ride to the new Northwest Marine Center. Lots of wooden boats around at the Wooden Boat Festival is coming up this weekend starting Friday. We did a self tour of the building and noticed a tall ship outside on a nearby dock. The “Merrie Ellen” a 1922 Halibut sailboat that only had it’s hull built then got stuck in the transition of sailboats weren’t good so it became a steam powered ocean tug for 52 years or so with an 8’ propeller. In 1979 a new owner bought it and converted it to the original design of a sailboat. It has a John Deere diesel engine and only a 4 foot propeller now. Take a look at www.schoonermerrieellen.com . This is not a nonprofit with high wages for skippers and directors. Lots of volunteers to get things done and homeport is Pleasant Harbor is what our tour guide told us. All the money donated goes to the boat for maintenance and care of the boat. We headed back to the boat. The Lady Washington was at the dock and I found out they are getting pulled out for a hull check and bottom job that happens every two years, at 8am tomorrow morning. Hopefully I’ll check this out in the morning. Had dinner with more crab. Then about 10:15pm it started to rain. We did notice a heavy fog bank just south of Marrowstone Head that never did go away for the day, even with bright sunshine in PT area.

‘9-8-10 Wed. – We got up early to watch the Lady Washington get hauled out for it’s once every two year haul out for bottom work and timber check etc. Took lots of pictures with about 1 ½ hours until it was on blocks for wash down. Hope to load these on later in next day or two. Hope to be home tonight?

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



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