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On The Hard at Delta August 22, 2011

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It’s been a while for entries so thought I’d start posting again today, 8-22-11. We’re getting closer to going south.
We’re moving out of the house this weekend on mostly this Friday 26th in preparation for moving onto Code Blue but not sure the boat will be ready. Lots of dust and junk in the boat. Just before going into Delta, things happened and stuff stopped working like the radar and transducer on 50 hz stopped working, we tweaked the keel on a rock up at Reid Harbor. So much for short cuts. Radar showing a connection error, may have been just the connector on the back of the screen finally fell out after 8 years, as the installer guy did not lock the connector on properly, but I started a dry box near the mast under the berth so wires are not together to test yet. Put in a new transducer on the port side with a fairing block, revised the hole on the starboard side to a water intake 1 1/2″ hole, put in GFO packing material ( http://www.gfopacking.com/ ) for rudder and propeller shaft. The old rudder flax packing material in the rudder shaft was the wrong size of 5/16″ inch with four wraps and not cut very well. It was leaking pretty good when bumped up the speed. I just didn’t realize it. Proper size is 3/8″ and seemed to fit fine with the normal three wraps. Completed the propeller shaft yesterday with 1/4″ packing material. Also did some hull waxing. Well got to head of to the boat.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth
s/v Code Blue
Monday 8-21-11



1. captnmike - August 22, 2011

Great to see you finally do an update on your progress!

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