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Projects and Ready to Splash August 24, 2011

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2011.

There’s a guy in the boat yard that the boat looks pretty close to putting in the water. A Willard 30′ sailboat 1976 but totally redone. I asked him how long he’s been working on it, he had 4 other friends and relatives with him on the weekend but this is the first time I’ve seen it uncovered being worked on. 15 years and it was on his property for a while he says. Later I asked Jeff, the small boat yard manager, says it’s been in the Delta yard for about a dozen. I asked him when he thought he might put it in the water. He’s given up giving a date. Sometimes I feel like him a bit for giving a date. Mostly I’m concerned based on projects, these are the bigger ones.
1) Fridge redo so there is a freezer too and plenty of insulation.
2) SSB/HAM radio buy and install. Backstay antenna is done.
3) Add one or two solar panels. We have 2 x 130 watt Kyocera on an Atlantic Towers arch and plan to install a Flex Max 60 OutBack solar regulator
4) Finish watermaker install by Emerald Harbor Marine, we just put in a deep water thru-hull.

On 8-23-11 a friend of ours Joe S. and I painted the bottom of the boat with Petit Trinidad SR Red. We also used some Sea Hawk Sharkskin Red. Both of these are hard bottom paints and I can’t see the line of what went where but Sea Hawk mostly went on the keel and undercoat on the patches. I also adjusted the top portion of the bobstay that was out of center. Hopefully we’re ready to splash tomorrow. We still need to paint the pad areas and bottom of the keel where four blocks held up the boat. High tide is at 3:48pm on the 24th. But we also are moving our stuff, cleaning for the renter etc. Not sure we can do everything on the 24th. Joe says he could help with the boat again.

Previously we installed a new transducer depth, water speed and temp with a high speed fairing block.

Steve and Judy 8-24-11



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