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Code Blue Update as of 10-14-11 October 14, 2011

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2011.

Judy and the new asymetrical spinnaker she put together

Thought I’d send out a s/v Code Blue update 10-14-11

003 new asymmetrical Judy sewed up
008 Wire organized behind electrical breakers, way better than it used to be, sorry I don’t have a before shot.
011 now four solar panels but only two hooked up, plus bimini in work
012 Windvane and back part of solar panels

We’ll we could invite you over but there is only one cushion open for sitting on, if that. Usually Judy and I change out sitting on the steps inside the cabin when our butt gets sore. 1/4 berth is full of boxes, main head is mostly full, settee area is mostly full. Shower in forward head is full. Usually early in the morning the cockpit is empty but then it fills up with tools and such until dinner time. The dock fills up sometimes with tools and solar panels. The solar panels are mostly up now as of late yesterday, two still need to be hooked up and the others are just temporarily hooked up with outside wires. There is a raced called “Race Your House’ for liveaboards that Sloop Tavern Yacht Club is doing this Saturday, that I’d love to enter but with boxes, food and such not a good idea. We’re waiting for the next race coming up, “Race your Wreck of a House”.

Judy just finished up sewing a Sailrite kit for our light air 3/4 oz. asymmetrical that took about 120 hours to do. Here’s some notes about our progress. This boat came with only one small electrical bilge pump and a hand pump.

I’ve been doing other electrical projects with a really great boat electrician so we haven’t gotten too far on it yet. I have the pump, a Johnson L4000 GPH. Just bought a siren and a toggle switch yesterday. But still a ways to go. Need to find my float switch at the marine room at the house, really a Water Witch water switch. Panel area now looks organized with wires in the back (it was a rats nest somewhat before), solar panels are in progress 4 x 130 watt (520 W now on as of 10-13-11 but not hooked up), HAM/SSB mostly in. Need counterpoise ground plane hook up. We hooked up a bilge counter for the existing bilge and a Pro Lite for counting solar amps in. Put in a Smart Plug and Charles Galvanic Isolation Transformer. Corrected about 11 items that were existing on the boat from original installer, and other people plus a few I did.

1622 Furuno Radar 2KW from 2003 stopped working (magnatron only had enough strength for 1 mile of visibility and cable problems up the mast per our pin test) then other 2003 items, I put up the new radar mount from 1900 to 2130 hours on Wednesday 10/12. Water was calm from no boat traffic but dark somewhat with a full moon out. The Garmin 188C chartplotter depth sounder stopped working on 50 khz depth and a 1/2″ pixel dark spot appeared on the screen. Now in work with replacement items: Garmin 740s chartplotter with all US charts and territories, depth/water speed/temp, radar overlay and Garmin Radar GMR 18HD 4KW is in process. Only $2475 instead of $2000 for just an updated Furuno 1623 radar and it works with the new, transducer, I just put in for the old system at the last haulout on 5th thru 24th of August. Just found out the boat surveyor had her laptop stolen so a delay there for our new insurance company for offshore.

This has put a damper on going south (Mexico and South Pacific to New Zealand) by September and not sure when we can leave. First want to get some things done. Thinking about re-insulating the fridge with a freezer this time. Just a fridge now and not well organized.”

Right now I’m in the cockpit due to WiFi reception is best. It’s kind of cold out today and a bit of breeze.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue




1. Susan FitzGerald - November 5, 2011

Looks great, guys, love the spinnaker!!

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