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Fridge Update & New Kohler Faucet & Memorial Wkd June 7, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

To: s/v Code Blue – Update List, 6-7-12

Last night we finished up a few items on our list. We’re working toward sometime in August we hope.

1) Fridge has been updated with SeaDog gas filled lift springs for the fridge doors and new weatherseals. ‘06-04-12 34.88 Perko ring catches, 19.00 weatherseal, 41.14 gas shocks 15″, 20# SeaDog, 13.23 glue & weatherseal. Installed weatherseal, fridge done up to this point. ’06-06-12 $6.01 Glue for fridge Pliobond adhesive 5.49, tx .52, Stoneway Hardware Ballard Fridge updates $114.26 so far

2) Faucet has been replaced with a new Kohler Forte’ ’02-27-12 $145.57 Kohler Forte’ pullout kitchen faucet, Vibrant stainless steel finish, model # R10433-VS from Home Depot, Everett Installed 6-6-12

Finally I put in some gas lift springs for the fridge doors that are horizontal. We used to have gravity fed spring loaded doors that when you bent the spring it would close. Usually just touching this spring would create a rat trap effect and have close calls or confirmed bruising for finger tips, hands, head etc. Now the doors stay up and I just put in new weathersealing yesterday to seal the doors better. The old stuff wasn’t too good. Now either door can come up, or both at a time if you like. Next major step is to isolate the evaporator side into a freezer and coat the extra insulation with resin/fiberglass cloth then have a spill over into the fridge, much like an older style fridge/freezer. Maybe even have a little fan to put cold air into the fridge side.




1. captnmike - June 7, 2012

Want into the office pool on if you will actually get gone? 🙂

Nice upgrades – I like the better freezer door lift springs.

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