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Reefer Madness In Alameda October 1, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

We worked on the fridge update the last few days, since I could borrow 3 coolers from AYC and all the ice I needed from their ice machine.

I need to silicone caulk the cracks and holes in the freezer area. Just bare panels I made before. First time (Yesterday) thought we had it licked but the silicone would not set up. Even over night it was very tacky.

Finally looked at the expiration date 02/11. I’ve never had silicone go bad on me before, usually it hardens up in the tube if old. So we had to clean off all the old goo, get new silicone this time 10 year warranty for mold and such redo it, looks good.

We tried 1/2 gallon of butter pecan before the fix and it did pretty good with the freezer set at 20 F and staying good for a few days. Fridge has been pretty cold in the 34 F or colder. We’ll see how this goes with testing tomorrow I hope. I’d like a bit warmer fridge.

Having dinner with our friend Tom tonight for the World Series race thing stating up on Wednesday.

At Alameda Yacht Club

s/v Code Blue

Steve and Judy

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1. mike schuster - October 2, 2012

The question is: would the fridge worked as well with Neapolitan ice cream. 🙂

Steve, Google the question of what temp a refrigerator should be. I think my manual said something like 42 degrees, which seems too warm, but if my memory is correct, then that’s what is recommended. Good to look it up yourself, especially since you need to conserve energy.

2. mike schuster - October 2, 2012

Reefer Madness?

captnmike - October 2, 2012

Just having a bit of fun with titles – Steve did not have a good title on the email he sent me on their adventures – and they were having some issues with the refrigeration – so as Admin / Editor I had a bit of fun with the lead

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