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Code Blue – Status and s/v Victory October 8, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

Friends of s/v Code Blue, 10-8-12

This is a bit of a repeat but some folks have been asking about locations and even Lat and Long coordinates. Sorry no pictures. I just downloaded 405 to clear my camera but didn’t see any likely suspects to share. So here you go.

We left Seattle on Sept 20th at 1:34:32 pm from H-29 N 47 40.812, W 122 24.441 dock at Shilshole Bay Marina. Engine hour meter was 2336.6, Trip Odometer was set to zero, regular Odometer was 341 as we have a newer chart plotter so add another 14,420 NM plus another 125 from an accidental reset so total boat mileage is closer to 14, 886.

Due to light winds motored up to the straits of Juan de Fuca. Fog at times so used our Standard Horizon PA horn with programmed signals.

Turning left at Port Townsend then had winds on the nose of 17 to 20 kts with outgoing current and short choppy seas. The bow lights were taking a beating dunking into the water almost every other wave or so. Note to self – The tip of the bowsprit is not a great spot for bow lights.

It was dark at this point, we decided to head into Port Angeles for a much needed rest and hope for change in the seas. We got into PA Boat Haven N 48 07.522, W 123 27.116 at 0200 on the 21st. Slept until 8am, had breakfast, showers and left about 1430 on the 21st. They only charged us for 1/2 day at $15.

Seas are flat and we now motored again. Tatoosh Is. about 10:15pm, Destruction Island I thought I would like to stop and do a scuba dive but not to be at we passed that still motoring at 6am in some foggy weather a bit plus it was five miles away or better per the chart plotter. 10:10am on the 22nd we saw a humpback mother and baby whale heading south, at N 47 14.079, W 124 36.936 close to the boat, then another set later. We’re in a crabpot free lane supposedly 10 to 15 miles off shore for the most part but derilect floats once in awhile and good sized bull kelp mats some 10 feet in diameter. Still calm seas, not enough to sail.

‘9-23-12 Near Newport, OR about 8:30am tried sailing until 10:32am, only made 3 NM with the asymmetrical sail. Then back to motoring. Finally we started sailing at 1:51pm at 364 trip NM and sailed until 6am on 9-24-12 at 428 (sail 64 + 3). Motoring until 459 NM then sailing again at 10:38am. Noon reading is 467 trip, 808 Odm, EH 2400.4. Trip 597, 4:30pm so 130 sailing miles. Motoring until 625 then sailing until 632. So only 7 miles. Motor to 735 trip at 2:36pm, then sail to 790 trip at 9:05pm for 55 sail.

Motored under the Golden Gate Bridge at 7:25am in fog, then to Sausalito YC dock at 8:01am on 9-27-012 in sunshine. N 37 51.407, W122 28.683. 845 trip. Took showers.

Then headed to Fortman Marina were Penn Wallace’s boat s/v Victory was at Alameda Is. They are friends of ours. Fortman Marina 859 NM trip, 1200 Odm, EH 2443.5, N 37 46.721, W122 15.457. We had rough seas and heavy winds near Cape Blanco and Cape Mendocino 35 to low 40 knots from astern. Sailing miles 259, motor 600. 30% sailing, 70% motoring.

Alameda YC

Alameda YC located near the office for the marina, does a meal deal on Wednesday nights it seems and sometimes on Friday nights. 9-27-12 we went to an Italian spot with s/v Victory folks. 9-28-12 Friday night is Taco Night for two bucks at AYC.

Monday we went to San Fran and had dinner with Tom S. a friend of ours. We had dinner at the Brick House Pub, then a tour of where he works with Oracle for the design team for the America’s Cup 72. We got to see the 72′ AC boat and wing sail they are working on, plus saw the boat that won the 33rd America’s Cup. No pictures allowed of the new boat. Wednesday Oct 3rd we took BART transportation to watch World Series America’s Cup match racing on the 45 footers. Thursday we watched 45′ races again from the Golden Gate YC that Tom is a member of the club.

Friday worked on the boat adding insulation to our hot water tank and partly installing our stern reel for anchoring. Saturday 10-6 we went to see the Blue Angles in San Fran and watched the races again. We were right on shore near where Jim Spithill capsized his boat at the first turn of the fleet race.

Later, we walked to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner, then ended up walking to the ferry pier near Oakland bridge to watch fireworks. Then catching BART back to Alameda area. Today, Sunday 10-7-12, we’ve been around the boat and watched the final fleet race on TV where Spithill won the fleet series.

Now it’s Monday 10-8, and we notice we have growth in our tanks already since we have been using water maker water only for several fill ups. Since there is no chlorine in the tank, growth happens rapidly it seems. For what it’s worth, Beth Leonard’s “Handbook” suggests:

Cleaning tanks: 6-8oz bleach per 10-15 gal capacity then rinse 3x

Ongoing water treatment: 1 1/3 to 1 2/3 oz bleach per 33 gal

We’ve been noticing alge growth in our Brita water filter.

I think we’ll do the shock treatment then start an on going treatment. Friends of ours really had a problem with growth in their boat that was the same model and also with a water maker. The problem is chlorine builds up in the carbon filter and is a major problem with reverse osmosis membranes used in water makers.

As we were heading south in rough water we noticed major yawing of the chart plotter, left to right spinning of the chart. In talking to Garmin folks we need a “Heading Sensor” about $900, and a cable for about $100 they say to correct this problem. We were able to correct this taking the chart in and out of Course Up, but they say the problem will come back. Weather is nice and sunny today. Plan to harbor hop as we go south from here, hopefully leave in a day or so. We need to be in San Diego for a SSB/HAM radio & Pactor Modem class by Jim Corenman of Sailmail fame on the 18th of October.

Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue

Blog- svcodeblue.wordpress.com

“S/v Victory Update info — We’re in Santa Barbara this morning. We will cast off around 10 am and head for Santa Cruz Island. We’ll stay there a day or so, then move on to Santa Barbara Island. After SB, I plan to go to San Clemente and Santa Catalina. We had the sails up on the way down, but just a little wind. We motor sailed all day. There are small craft advisories today, but we haven’t seen any wind yet, so we’re going out anyway. We’ll be in San Diego in a few days.

From Penn Wallace”




1. Jerry Stephenson - October 9, 2012

Thank you for the update! I look forward to following your adventure.


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