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Santa Miguel, Rosa & Catalina (Avalon) October 16, 2012

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.

No Pics yet due to nothing special and hard to do. Now in Avalon on Santa Catalina Is. at the library. Yesterday was great for weather and last several days. Today clear early this morning then very foggy, no wind, and we plan to leave for overnight to San Diego about 3pm 10-16-12. Boat reports are foggy all the way across and winds 5 or less. Now about 2pm. Stopped at Isthmus Harbor on Catalina Is., diesel was $7.01, here in Avalon $7.20.

In San D plan to spend some time getting our boat more ready & family in the area. Penn Wallace is at Chula Vista YC. We’ll probably meet up there. SSB/HAM Pactor Modem class on 18th. Overnight trips have been great for clear skies and stars, no moon, sailing along sometimes. Wind in a channel hit 29 kts, then down to 20’s or so. We hit 10 kts boat speed twice with just the jib up. Some help with water speed.

From San Fran we stopped at 1/2 Moon Bay in the night and out at dark in the morning. Then to Monterey Peninsula YC. Some how we lost our binnoculars over board, not sure what happened, in the trip south so bought some new ones at West Marine. Judy says we need backups. Then to Morrow Bay city dock as the YC was having dinghy races. We took showers and visited the YC. Could of stayed overnight but we need to get south so headed out for another night sail. Wind was good. Doing this at the Avalon library so don’t have my notes or exact sail mile numbers. Sail to Santa San Miguel Is., Santa Rosa, then saw others from a distance. Santa Cruz Is. and Rosa had the channel for high winds with us. Then overnight to Santa Catalina to Isthmus Harbor and walk to Catalina Harbor about 1/4 mile away, both small and quiet. Avalon is like some of the Caribbean Islands such as St. Thomas with all the buildings, small hotels and such. Tons of golf carts for everyone here on the streets, even a Fed Ex truck. Big cruise ship is in yesterday and today. Double moorage ball is $37 overnight, then another $16 until 3:30pm today when we leave.

Steve and Judy
S/V  Code Blue
Blog svcodeblue.wordpress.com



1. mike schuster - October 16, 2012

The night sailing sounds like a great experience. Sounds like all your systems are working well. Continued good luckiness!

2. Jerry Stephenson - October 17, 2012

Sounds like things are going well. Sorry to hear about the binocs. Stay safe!
Jerry and Jane

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